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A place reminiscent of the love of Chiang Kai-shek - Song Meiling

The Palace built for Song Meiling by Chiang Kai-shek with rows of ancient trees planted around it looks like a giant necklace.

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Situated in the Purple Mountain, about 6 km from downtown Nanjing is a villa built by Chiang Kai-shek. The building is a traditional Chinese style, with perky roofs, covered with green glazed tiles.

On the glazed tiles are over 1,000 intricately carved phoenixes. The marble columns in the mansion represent Lady Tong's birthday. The main bedroom is also decorated according to her taste.
Seen from above, the palace resembles an emerald on the pendant. Photo: HelloRF Zcool / Shutterstock.
The unique feature of this place lies in the ancient trees planted around the palace. Seen from above, it is no different from a huge necklace and a villa with a green tile resembling an emerald. Local people often tell each other that it is a gift that Chiang Kai-shek gave to his wife. The villa is called Song Meiling Palace.

This is also the largest villa in Nanjing, built on an area of 2,000 m2. The building was completed in 1934. Chiang Kai-shek and his wife used to spend a lot of time here on vacations and welcoming foreign guests.

The villa consists of two floors, with an underground basement and a mezzanine floor. East of the basement is the staff room, while the west is the kitchen. The first floor has the reception room, the secretary room and the security room. The mezzanine floor has a large hall, a living room, a ballroom and the second floor is the residence of the couple. This floor has bedrooms, a library and a bathroom. In addition, there is a prayer room, private dining room.
Inside the showroom are items on display reminiscent of two famous people in Chinese history. Photo: Shanshan0312 / Shutterstock.
Inside is a Western-style fireplace, large windows, and modern sanitary facilities. The villa is made of reinforced concrete and has a large garden in front, a large balcony on the mezzanine floor. Meiling Palace is considered a perfect blend of traditional style, culture, the architecture of China with the West. Former US ambassador to China, Leighton Stuart hailed it as "the best mansion of the Far East".

In 1950, the mansion was handed over to Trung Son Mountain National Park to take over, restore, remodel and open the door to the people visiting today. The palace was later leased to a number of management departments, including the city's Department of Health, a large hotel company, and has been under the management of Sun Yat-sen's mausoleum since 2012.
When it opened in October 2013, more than 10,000 visitors came here to admire the breathtaking views of this hilly area. Photo: HelloRF Zcool / Shutterstock.
Currently, the palace is open to visitors and there are often exhibitions to introduce visitors to the life of Song Meiling as a politician, a diplomat, an artist as well as stories about this house. On the second floor is now a bookstore and a cafe.

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