Amsterdam, the capital not only has red light district

If Amsterdam is compared to a famous person, perhaps the city will resemble Sophia Loren the most because its appeal does not fade over time.

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As a lowland country, the Netherlands has almost no hills. Bicycles are a popular vehicle used by people here. Everywhere in the city, the suburbs are bicycles. They were parked on bridges, along the banks of canals, at railway stations ...
Amsterdam, the capital not only has red light district
Amsterdam is splendid when night comes. Photo: Matthias.
The capital of the Netherlands was founded in the 12th century from a small fishing village on the banks of the Amstel River. Today, this is the largest city in the country, a political and economic center. The population in Amsterdam is more than 1,300,000 people.

This is a city with many canals and this is known to everyone in the world. However, visitors said that when they first came here, they were very surprised, because they did not expect so many canals. In addition to cycling, walking, guests can explore the city by a boat ride through the canals. Amsterdam is also known as "Viene of the North".
Amsterdam, the capital not only has red light district
Early summer is the best time to visit the capital. Photo: Huffington,
Early summer is the best time to visit Amsterdam because the weather is very warm now. Unlike Japanese Tokyo, the Dutch capital does not have many views of the city from above. However, you can still admire the beauty of Viene North when you come to Zuiderkerkstoren. Here, visitors can see the Jewish district, the famous red-light street and Dam square by climbing up the 70m high church tower.

Vondelpark is a famous spot in Amsterdam and is ranked among the top parks in the world. However, indigenous people often ignore this crowded place to relax in an equally beautiful but less noisy place: Westerpark.

Amsterdam is a city with many interesting museums. One of them is the FOAM photography museum (admission fee is 10 USD for students and 15 USD for adults), Rijks museum with a huge collection of artist Rembrandt (entrance fee is about 23 USD), Van Gogh Museum ($ 50 admission) ... In addition, if you want to take photos with famous people, you can also visit the Madame Tussaud wax museum (ticket price from 16 USD).

If you want to buy souvenirs, visitors should not miss the Albert Cuyp street market. Here guests will be free to shop and enjoy delicious pieces of cheese, cinnamon syrup, and many other food products with unique flavors. This is also the largest street market in the Netherlands.
Amsterdam, the capital not only has red light district
Coming to the markets in Amsterdam, tourists are always attracted by the delicious food and rich goods. Photo: Amusing.
Equally famous is Amsterdam's Noordermarkt. This is the perfect place for travelers to try and buy local products. In the winter, many people come here to choose an interesting way to warm up: enjoy hot chocolate with apple pie.

After a stroll around the city, guests can stop by Café Papeneiland. This is a shop more like a bar than a cafe, located at the intersection of Prinsengracht and Brouwersgracht - the two most beautiful canals in the city.

Visitors also do not miss the opportunity to enjoy the special food of Amsterdam - stamppot, including mashed potatoes with raw vegetables, served with sausages, bacon ...

At night, guests can go to the bars to enjoy the vibrant nightlife. One of the attractive cocktail bars is Oldenhof. And if you want to dance or something, Bar Up may be the ideal destination for you. If you want to eat at night, Cannibale Royale is also a point to note.

If you have a long time to stay in Amsterdam, you can find out upcoming events in the city through A Mag - an English magazine or information on This site will provide you with upcoming art, music, fashion and cultural events in the city.

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