Sunday, October 20, 2019

Anonymous staircase attracts visitors thanks to the 'Joker' blockbuster

The stairs appearing in the movie 'Joker' are located in The Bronx, one of the 5 counties of New York City.

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Like most other tourists to New York, Patricio Osuna (Mexico) has a list of destinations to visit from the Statue of Liberty, Times Square ... to the stairs of 167 West Street, a deserted place in the Bronx district.
Visitors visit the anonymous staircase in the Bronx district. Photo: @ sauer.8 / Instagram.
This fall Osuna and hundreds of tourists flocked to the unknown staircase, where actor Joaquin Phoenix as Joker danced on Rock and Roll Part 2. "When I first visited New York, I had to visit the this step, "said Osuna, a 46-year-old bus company owner from Mexico, said before he imitated the Joker dance.

Previously, not many adventurous tourists came to the Bronx area, which has long wanted to shake off the notoriety as the domain of criminal gangs. The county's most notable attractions are the Bronx Zoo, New York Botanical Gardens, and the New York Yankees perennial baseball factory. But since the Joker debuted in early October, many New Yorkers and tourists have come to these stairs to selfie or imitate the dance in the movie.

For long-time Bronx residents like Laura Harry, the stairs are normal in this steep area. Harry has lived here for 30 years and people like her use the stairs daily. "I'm glad they made this place famous," Harry said as he watched the stream of people taking pictures on the stairs.

Joker, a film directed by Todd Phillips, released by Warner Bros, has dominated the box office for the past two weeks. This blockbuster broke the record for the biggest opening week in October in film history, with a turnover of $ 96.2 million. The film currently grosses $ 543 million worldwide, ranked 10th from the beginning of the year.

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