Autumn blooms on Korea's most romantic island

South Korea is famous for its beautiful scenery when autumn comes. In particular, Nami Island is one of the most attractive destinations for poetic trees filled with red and yellow leaves.

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As a Korean love island, Nami Island attracts visitors by its beautiful natural scenery throughout the 4 seasons. Each season, this place has its own beauty. Autumn is the time when nature here attracts and is most impressed by the red and yellow colors of the ancient trees. Therefore, this island is also known as the autumn heart in Korea. Photo: Doraenac, Venessachua.
Nami is a semicircular island, located in Chuncheon, Gangwon Province, northeastern Korea. The romantic beauty of the island is better known after the success of the famous movie "Winter Sonata". Every year, Nami Island welcomes about 2 million visitors on average. Photo: Roy Cruz.
From September to November, the island in peak tourist season with a large number of tourists to admire the most beautiful natural scenery of the year. With temperatures ranging from 10-20 degrees Celsius, the weather here is cool, pleasant, allowing visitors to relax in the middle of nature. Photo: Likasimg.
Nami Island is about 63 km from Seoul. Therefore, from Seoul, it is easily accessible by bus, train or subway for over an hour. The ban on motor vehicles circulating on the island also contributes to creating a peaceful and fresh atmosphere for this place. Photo: Koreapost.
On the land of hundreds of thousands of square meters, the island is covered with most of the green grass under the tall chestnut, poplar trees. Strolling between two rows of straight trees, under bright red or golden foliage is a favorite experience for visitors when coming here. Photo: Pinterest.
The island also owns many virtual living angles for visitors to enjoy virtual living. The romance of the land of love is especially appealing to couples. In addition to sightseeing, you can also visit the zoo, the botanical garden, the amusement park or admire the artworks made from recycled materials on the island's campus. Photo: Thetravelintern.

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