Autumn of Canada is picturesque

The weather is pleasant, the trees turning brightly is an ideal time to see Canada.

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Canada is always in the top of the country with the most beautiful autumn in the world with the red and yellow colors of maple leaves. In early October every year, the trees change color everywhere, suitable for taking a roadtrip to see nature.
Blue Mountain is a fairly popular alpine ski resort in Ontario, northwest of Collingwood. Before the hill is blanketed by snow, this is an ideal place for families to relax in autumn.
At first, it was just a skiing place, founded in 1941. By 1977, the owner renovated it into a seasonal resort and amusement park to attract guests like pumpkins, mannequins for Halloween.
In the fall, visitors can take the cable car up the hill to admire the scenery, cycle, climb mountains or even explore caves. This is also the best time of Blue Mountain reeds.
Located in the town of Harrington, Quebec Province, Tam Bao Son Pagoda is a Vietnamese temple quite famous in Canada. The temple is located at the foot of Mount Mont Tremblant, surrounded by red leaves forest, streams and green lawns stretching.
Yachting on Croisieres Mont-Tremblant lake near the temple is also the most crowded in the fall, cool weather, suitable for enjoying.
Each trip on the lake lasts about 60 minutes, tourists have dinner on the boat, watching the picturesque Mount Laurentides.
Many families take advantage of picnics before the temperature in Canada drops to minus tens of degrees in the winter.
Muskoka District is famous for its visitors due to the cranberry harvest festival in the red leaf season.
After participating in the fruit harvest, tourists also enjoy wine, beer, jam, syrup ...

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