Autumn of Russia in magic light

The Russian Fall lasts from September to November. But, the Russian Golden Autumn in literary works is reminded not to last as long.

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To enjoy the magical, splendor autumn colors, mentioned in the poetry only lasts from about 1-10 / 10. That moment of warm, beautiful and short-lived space did not often take place every year. Dark clouds rolled in, covering the sun and the wind ... and so the autumn expected yet had come but left...

So lucky for those travelers who are immersed in the fragile moments of the Russian Autumn: "The cranes fly over. Mist and smoke spreads. Moscow has autumn again". (Season of fallen leaves, Russian poet Olga Berggoltz).
Visit the Kolomenskoye Museum of History and Architecture in the heart of Moscow, 4-5 km from the center. Formerly the Russian Tsar considered Kolomenskoye as a royal relaxing residence from the 14th century onwards. One of the places where you can drop your soul with the Fall of Russia.

For Russian alumni, Lomonoxop University (MGU - formerly known as Moscow State University was founded in 1755) has always been a dear destination. The roads and trees leading to the school are also full of autumn colors.

“There is a season in marvelous light, The sunshine is gentle, the sky is not dazzling, Summer falls for the weak, Just be surprised as when it was just in the spring.

On the cheek seem spider's silk spinning, It is like airy light, gentle, waving ..., Fluttering birds flying away to pick, The showy flowers late in the season cause to worry. ”(Summer fell, female Russian poet Olga Berggoltz).

The Summer Palace (Peterhof), dubbed the "Versailles of Russia", about 20 km west of the city of Saint Petersburg on the beautiful Neva River is also filled with the luxurious, charming yellow color. Fascinating.

And enjoy the peaceful, serene moment and adventure in the middle sky and earth ...

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