Autumn paintings in Sichuan

Jiuzhaigou, Emei Mountain, Giant Buddha Leshan... are the popular destinations you can enjoy the scenery in the fall.

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Around October every year is considered a "golden" time to visit the Jiuzhaigou Nature Reserve. This stop is 60,000 ha wide, located at an altitude of over 3,000 m, north of Sichuan province. In autumn, this place wears colors from red, crimson to apricot yellow, amber color blend with green coniferous trees shading on the lake. Photo: ShutterStock / Mr. Patty.
The lake at Jiuzhaigou is also famous for its turquoise colors such as Lu Vi, Thu Chinh, Panda, Truong Hai, Ngu Hoa ... Pearl Waterfall is 310 m wide and attractive with white foam bubbles water floors. This place is filmed in the opening scene in the famous TV series Journey to the West. Photo: ShutterStock / Efired.

Mount Emei

In the autumn, Emei is like a place with a red carpet, a sea of clouds surrounding the pagoda radiating a golden light on the top. Not only is majestic nature, Mount Emei is also famous as one of the four great Buddhist temples in China, besides: Ngu Dai Son, Cuu Hoa Son and Pho Da Son.

It takes you 5 minutes to ride the cable car, through each sun flap and floating clouds to reach Kim Dinh - the highest place of Nga Mi, more than 3,000 m. Here, you worship the majestic Samantabhadra statue facing four directions, riding on four large elephants with six tusks. Photo: ShutterStock / M.A.Cynthia.
Standing on the top of Emei, if you're lucky, you will capture the image of the four wonders of "sun come out" (sunrise), "cloud sea" (ten thousand miles of clouds), "Buddha light" (the glory of Buddha) and "holy sign" (holy light). In addition, in Emei, there are 26 temples and shrines, including Bao Quoc pagoda, Phuc Ho pagoda, Tien Phong pagoda, Van Nien pagoda, Kim Dinh Hoa Tibet, Thanh Am Cac, Hong Xuan Binh and Eret Tri. Each temple has its own characteristics and is home to many artistic masterpieces such as paintings, reliefs, Buddha statues. Photo: ShutterStock / B.Zhou.

Leshan Great Buddha

Do not forget to visit the Leshan Great Buddha statue carved into the wall of Lang Van mountain, located at The Loan peak, facing Emei. The statue dates back to 1,300 years and is said to be the oldest Buddha statue, and the tallest stone Buddha statue in the world. Photo: ShutterStock / LMspencer.
The Buddha image was built during 90 years with a benevolent face, sitting recklessly, hands on knees and half-opened eyes staring down the river. The statue is sculpted with great feats, a proportional proportion of Buddha's body, showing a generous culture of the Tang Dynasty. A special feature of this statue is Buddha's hair, made from 1,021 spiral curls.

Leshan Great Buddha, along with Emei, was recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 1996. Photo: ShutterStock / AbuSun1812.

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