Bangkok's cafe is filled with roses like a fairy garden

Kay's Boutique Breakfast is definitely not to be missed for those who love garden - the cafe in BangKok is designed with space filled with roses.

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Where is Kay’s Boutique Breakfast?

Kay’s Boutique Breakfast coffee restaurant belongs to Kmaison hotel, located at 116 / 55-56 Rangnam Road, Bangkok. Previously, this place was just a normal breakfast shop, serving guests staying in the hotel. However, recently, this coffee shop in Bangkok has suddenly become famous because the space is decorated with many roses.
The cafe is located in front of KMaison Hotel on Kangnam Road. Photo: Facebook Kay's Boutique Breakfast
Owning a prime location right in front of the Kmaison hotel, also located on a prime route linking Pratunam "shopping paradise" to Victory Monument, Kay’s Boutique Breakfast is more known to tourists. Anyone who comes to Bangkok would like to visit this rose cafe to enjoy breakfast, have some coffee and take some nice photos as a souvenir.

Thousands of colorful roses blooming

Stepping into Kay’s Boutique Breakfast, you seem to be lost in a fairy-tale place because the space is decorated with lots of roses. From the main entrance, the window frames to the walls of the corridor and the ceiling are filled with bright, colorful flowers. Everyone knows this is a fake rose, but the delicate layout and sweet pastel colors have made the space more romantic, like a rose garden in the fairy world.
20,000 roses are selected to decorate the shop, creating a beautiful backdrop for you to take many beautiful photos. Photo: thirddiiz
Roses are selected as large-sized flowers, the main color is orange, pink and white with pale nuances, flattering the romance and tenderness for the shop space. A total of about 20,000 flowers are used to decorate the entire beautiful cafe in Bangkok. Of course, there is still the appearance of leaves but with very little density. People want to dedicate this whole place for roses to blooms.
The shop uses the main white color, modern and sophisticated interior with many beautiful angles. Photo: Facebook Kay's Boutique Breakfast
Besides sweet roses, this coffee shop in Bangkok also uses subtle white colors, elegant for the entire interior of the shop. The floor uses tiles that are bright white and glossy. Meanwhile, the ceiling uses white plaster, a high-quality material, creating a modern beauty and elegance for space. In addition, items such as glasses, cups, dishes, ... also use high-grade white porcelain to create a harmonious beauty with the whole "rose garden" space.
Just sitting and acting, you have dozens of beautiful romantic photos in this cafe. Photo: cempaka.l

What is the attractive menu of Kay’s Boutique Breakfast?

In addition to the space full of fresh roses, Kay’s Boutique Breakfast is also loved by the diverse menu, reasonable prices. Currently, this rose cafe serves both breakfast and drinks. Any time you visit the shop, you will find the right dish to enjoy.
The food and drink of the restaurant are Asian - European style, decorated carefully and luxuriously. Photo: Facebook Kay's Boutique Breakfast
In terms of food, the restaurant has Asian-European breakfast dishes such as burgers, meat fried rice, salads, etc. About drinks, you can enjoy coffee, chocolate, matcha, drinks in Thai style, ... In addition, this coffee shop in Bangkok also has all kinds of French cakes that are beautifully decorated.

The food and drink of the bar not only focuses on taste but also focuses on the formality. Each glass of water, each serving of food for guests are arranged scientifically and beautifully. This not only shows the luxury but also creates favorable conditions for guests to take beautiful and charismatic check-in photos.
Drink prices at the bar range from 150 - 255 Thai baths. Photo: Facebook Kay's Boutique Breakfast
Located in a beautiful location on Rangnam road with luxurious space but the price of the restaurant is also reasonable. Food and beverages range from 150 - 255 Thai baths. Prices are available on the menu of the shop or you can refer to the website before visiting the shop.

How to get to Kay’s Boutique Breakfast

To get to this rose cafe, you can use Google maps if you drive by yourself. If you walk around in the evening, it may come from the rotation of Victory Monument. You follow Ratchawith Rd. At the fork, you continue to turn onto Ratchaprarop Rd. Then go straight and meet Rang Nam Road to Kay’s Boutique Breakfast.
The shop is located in the heart of BangKok capital, so do not miss the opportunity to come here to take many beautiful check-in photos. Photo: chloetwl
Currently, this coffee shop is one of the extremely hot destinations in Thailand. Therefore, weekends are often very crowded. If possible, you should arrange to visit this cafe in Bangkok in the middle of the week to be able to enjoy taking pictures in the most beautiful spaces in the shop.

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