Beautiful autumn paradise in the northeastern United States

Owning dreamy scenery, clear atmosphere on the streets covered with yellow leaves, many tourists believe that New England, the USA is a place where has fall more beautiful than anywhere in the world.

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New England is located in the northeastern United States, bordering the Atlantic, Canada and New York. This place includes six states with a long history: Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut. New England is known as a magical land, colorful variations, from verdant in the summer to bright yellow red when autumn. Photo: Jayeffex, earthfocus.
In the fall, many travelers make the journey to see the falling leaves. All over New England, from town to highway, rivers, lakes, hills or from urban to rural are covered in red and yellow. Along with the beautiful scenery, the cold weather and the clear air also conquered the hearts of visitors for the first visit. Photo: Akhanda39, pocketboston.
In the journey to discover New England, do not forget to visit the most poetic and peaceful state of Vermont in the United States. From the end of September, all the forests change their clothes, covered with beautiful red and yellow colors. This is also the best time to visit Vermont. Beautiful land like a fairy but sparsely populated has adopted the policy of paying $ 10,000 for 100 people to come to the state in 2019. Photo: 365.little.moments, a.b.pixel, ryanresatka.
The Kancamagus Highway is one of New England's most beautiful yellow leaf viewing spots in the fall. It is the ideal place for you to enjoy sightseeing, hiking and camping. By going through this street, you really understand the confusion, excitement, and fall in love with the autumn leaves in the phrase "peeking leaves" of the locals. Photo: Juliiathompson, heykelseyj.
The oldest Acadia National Park in the United States is famous for its unique leaf-viewing walking trails. In the most dreamy season of the year, this place not only has charming scenery but also local cuisine imprints in the hearts of visitors. You can enjoy the vivid flavors of blueberries, pumpkins, apples, scones and sip a delicious glass of wine in the cold weather. Photo: Jasonlegacy, maine_eyes.
At this time, farmers began harvesting to get zucchini shells for lanterns and produce decorations for the upcoming Halloween season. This is also an opportunity for visitors to check-in in the unique pumpkin fields. Photo: Lala.soup, sysaystylestalker.

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