Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Chongqing - the city of surprises

Not only is it famous as one of the richest cities in China, but Chongqing is also a place that makes tourists overwhelmed, even that is a glance.

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Coming to Chongqing, tourists must be "alert" because they can get lost at any time due to the complicated traffic system and the charm of the surprises everywhere.

"Multi-level" city

As soon as you run through a bridge leading into the city center, people will be attracted to their eyes immediately when they see the banks of the Truong Giang River undulating the rows of skyscrapers adjacent to each other. Because of the rapid urbanization rate that Chongqing has more and more high-end apartments built, the buildings are growing dense. The view of the city if viewed from afar, you will feel quite similar to a trendy Dubai. The planning system here makes you feel like a "multi-level" city because everywhere houses are identical with each other causing dazzling, buildings only differ in each height.
Chongqing is also home to many unique architectural works that make anyone passing by must stop taking photos. Photo: Huong Chi.

Maze on the ground

Chongqing has countless roads, intersections, highways and winding roads overlapping each other, making it difficult even for local drivers. "Even if you use modern navigation technology applications like Google Maps, you still don't know where you are in this" multi-level "city. This is a stirring story on the Quora forum of Kai Liu, a Chongqing resident when introducing his city. The main evidence is when entering a building on this side of the 11th floor, but on the other side is the 1st floor, while the parking lot is on the 5th and 6th floors which are normal.

Another strange "specialty" of Chongqing traffic is the sky-high railway that goes through apartment buildings. So in the days of traveling here, you will have to get used to the image of a metro train rushing overhead.

This place has all kinds of traffic for you to choose to move in and out of the city such as buses, subways, trains, ships, airplanes, or cable cars across the river ...

"The land of the soul" is real

As an anime enthusiast of Japanese Ghibli, you definitely cannot take your eyes off the ancient and mysterious beauty of Hongya Cave because it is very similar to the setting of the movie "The Land of Soul". This is the busiest business complex of Chongqing, but it has the appearance of a long line of antique architectural buildings connected together.

If the day is overwhelmed by the superficial appearance, the bustle of the restaurants, the handicraft shops ... at night you will be more surprised by the fanciful shimmer of "the soul land". For shopping and culinary enthusiasts in Chongqing, this is truly a paradise.
A corner of Hongyadong at night. Photo: Huong Chi.

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