Christmas activities in Japan

Although Christmas comes from the West, this holiday is also celebrated in Japan with its own style with traditional activities.

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Eat strawberry cake

Cream cakes in Japan are light and fluffy, covered with a layer of less sweet cream. Although this cake is popular with birthdays, Japanese people also enjoy the cake during the Christmas season, usually after meals with family and friends.
Enjoying strawberry cake with friends and relatives is the way to welcome Christmas. Photo: WikiCommons / Naotake Murayama.

Stroll around the Christmas markets

From Hokkaido to Kyushu, you can find European-style Christmas markets throughout the winter. Coming here, you can find a lot of items such as pine trees, decorations and new bottles of cider.

Come to Japan on this day, try walking around a Christmas market in Tokyo, sponsored by the German tourism organization and the German Embassy. The market is open from December 16 to 25 every year at Hibiya Park.

Enjoy KFC chicken

Eating KFC fried chicken at Christmas has been a Japanese tradition since the 1970s, following its slogan and marketing campaign. To enjoy this dish during the winter holidays, you must book a week in advance.

Give Christmas presents

Christmas is the perfect opportunity for couples to give each other gifts in Japan. In addition, Japan has an Oseibo occasion for people to give gifts to each other, mainly colleagues in the company.

Admire the dim lights on the streets

Lighting is one of Japan's most favorite ways to celebrate winter. Large commercial centers and parks in Tokyo such as Inokashira, Tokyo midtown and station all have their own decorative lighting. It all created a colorful and fanciful Tokyo at night. During Christmas, many areas in Tokyo are the ideal dating spot for many couples.
Tokyo Tower and during the Roppongi Christmas event. Photo: Flickr / Manish Prabhune.

Join the Christmas parade of Disney land

The Christmas Parade is an annual event, held every December at Tokyo Disney. The event featured items from makeup, a parade with Santa Claus and gifts of candy to the participants. Tokyo Disneyland is not only a fun spot for families but also a place for couples to date during the holidays.

When coming to Japan in winter, you will also have the opportunity to participate in the Sapporo Snow Festival, the Tokyo Light Festival.

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