Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Apologies and controversies about the stereotypical kindness of Canadians

Canadians are famous for being polite and always apologizing in any situation. However, this stereotypical way of speaking has received many mixed opinions.

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Earlier this year, the media reported the "very human" robbery incident in Canada. The victim is Jennifer, on her way to work. She was robbed of a car by a man with a gun. Before getting in the car, this guy also asked Jennifer to go with children or need furniture in the cold weather of -20 degrees Celsius. The robber then returned Jennifer's phone, bag, lunch and apologized to her. On reflex, she answered "okay" and watched the bandit drive away. Photo: Shutterstock.
The robbery was commented by many newspapers as "bold" in Canada. The people of the country of red maple are famous for their kindness and courtesy. The BBC once compared the kindness of Canadians to "the oil of Saudi Arabia". Photo: Alamy.
Many stories of kindness from Canadians have been published in the media. The National Post once reported that a law student named Derek Murray had turned on the headlights of his car all day. When he got back to the car, he found the battery had run out and a message on the windshield, noted: "I see you turned on the light all day so the battery is not enough energy to kick off the car. I put a charge inside the box behide the fence." Some cases of thieves also pay furniture with money to victim. Photo: National Post.
Traffic in Toronto and Montreal is often congested. However, you hardly hear a whistle. Speaking to the BBC, Jeffrey Dvorkin, a professor at the University of Toronto, said that honking in Canada was considered "unnecessary aggressive behavior". Another argued that because the Canadian population is small but living in a country with too large territory, they are always ready to help each other instead of aggression. Photo: Toronto Star.
However, the apology is still considered the most famous expression for the kindness of the people of the country of red maple leaves. They say sorry in almost every case. If a Canadian hits a tree, he will stop and apologize to it. In case of bad weather, an apology is also used. Photo: Getty.
Many people think that the apology in Canada is a national stereotype. They said they were sorry but they didn't know right or wrong. Some scholars call it the "pointless polite reflex". Emily Keeler, a Canadian writer, remarks that the apology is a beautiful gesture that is used too much to make it sound like a joke. "It is not a way to accept personal responsibility," Emily told CBC. Photo: CBC.
Writer Emily believes that people should view the Canadian apology as a way to avoid conflict rather than kind words. "They apologize for the stupid person inside the opponent, the ones who apologize don't want to make a fuss," Emily said. Photo: Getty.
The BBC comments that being too kind and apologizing too much is sometimes not good. Canadians are so humble that they are afraid to touch or speak out if something happens. Sharing with the BBC, Manjusheree Thapa, a writer who moved from Nepal to Canada, recalls going to the cinema. Screen lights are broken, but no one complained. "I have to ask my boyfriend and he is reluctant to follow. Kindness makes them not want to speak up," she said. Photo: Getty.

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