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Coral - paradise atoll of Thailand

Coral - paradise atoll of Thailand
One of the activities that tourists should experience when coming to Thailand at least once in their life is to visit Thailand Coral Island. This island is highly rated by tourists and likened to a paradise on earth. This place is very suitable for you to rest, relax and avoid the harsh sunlight from summer days.

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Coral - paradise atoll of Thailand
Coral paradise atoll of Thailand.
Coral, also known as Koh Larn, is a famous island in the tourist paradise of Pattaya and is located about 8 km west of Pattaya. The island is quite pristine and a great place to relax, immerse yourself in nature, enjoy the fresh air and forget about the bustling daily life.

Because Coral Island is located not far from the shore, you can easily come here and choose a ferry to move. Time to move to the island is also quite short, in addition to the peaceful space along with new beautiful scenes, blue sea and colorful coral reefs will surely make you surprised.
Coral - paradise atoll of Thailand
Coral Island, a favorite destination of Thailand tourists. 

The famous tourist destinations in Coral, Thailand

Coral is a great sea paradise with famous tourist attractions that attract the attention of travelers. Here are some places you can visit when coming Coral:

Thong Lang Beach

This beach has a length of about 200 meters and is a quiet place ideal for swimming, snorkeling or relaxing on the smooth white sand. This sea, up to the present time retains the wild beauty, wonderful scenery, impressive.

Ta Waen Beach

Ta Waen Beach is located in the north of the island about 750 km long. It has golden sandy beaches, perfect for sunbathing or playing recreational games at sea. Especially tourists coming to this beach often like to play banana boating and Jet - Ski.

Thien Beach

If you love unique games at sea, if you want to try Thai massage, come to Thien beach. It receives the interest and attention of the natives and tourists from Europe.
Coral - paradise atoll of Thailand
The peaceful beauty of Thien beach.

Sangwan Beach

The coastline in Sangwan is about 150 km long, this place is really a quiet paradise for lovers. Characteristic of Sangwan are white sand beaches, clear and clean sea water. This place is very suitable for you to travel in the period from December to April next year.

Nual Sea

Although it is known as the paradise of colorful coral reefs, not all seas in the Coral are the ideal place to watch corals. If you really want to see the coral reefs under the sea, discover the life of tropical marine creatures, come to Nual. Not only corals, Nual is also a great place for you to enjoy the fresh air, lying on the white sand beaches, listening to the whisper of the green coconut trees.
If you are a lover of watching coral, go to Nual sea. 

Samae Sea

Samae is known as a unique sea on Coral Island, where you can not only admire the great sea views but also see windmills, solar power stations. If you are hungry, you can stop to enjoy delicious food at restaurants along the coast. Especially with your family, friends or your lover watching the sunrise and sunset where Samae will surely make an unforgettable impression.

At Coral, you can enjoy lunch with attractive dishes such as soups, steamed rice, fruit desserts. Most of the restaurants here are close to the sea, plus, at Coral you easily catch the outdoor party on the beach at night. You can also find a variety of drinks when coming here including beer, drinking water, soft drinks.
Coral - paradise atoll of Thailand
The cuisine in the paradise Coral Island.
You should also note that because it is a famous island, the cost of tourism in Coral is quite expensive.

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