Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Death buffalo, hippos and the most ill-tempered animals on the planet

Crested ostriches
Many animals have a gentle appearance but have a fierce personality. These animals are ready to attack anyone who dares to violate the territory or provoke them.

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African buffalo
African buffalo is a herbivore but has a muscular body, weighs a ton, up to 1.8 m long and can move at a speed of 57 km / h. They are dubbed the "death buffalo" or "black death". According to statistics, this species has killed about 200 people per year so be classified as the "Big Five" Africa with lions, leopards, rhinos, and elephants. "Cattle" and unpredictability make them especially dangerous. If angry, the buffalo is ready to fight big predators like lions. Photo: Reddit.
Black rhinoceros
Black rhinoceros has a rather gentle appearance. However, you should not be foolish to anger this animal. If feeling "annoyed", the black rhino is ready to kill the enemies. The muscular body, large and pointed horns, and the speed of 55 km / h are the scary points of the black rhino. Poor eyesight makes this animal easily aggressive. They will attack anything if they feel dangerous. Photo: Natural World Safari.
Hippopotamus is one of the most dangerous animals in Africa. This species has a high territorial nature so it hates to be disturbed. Many cases have been recorded hippos attacking human boats because of accidentally entering the territory they occupy. If feeling bothered, hippos are ready to attack both lions and crocodiles. Owning a "bulky" body, hippos still easily reach speeds of 32 km / h when chasing enemies. Photo: Pinterest.
Crested ostriches
Crested ostriches can be considered the most dangerous bird in the world. Despite having wings, crested ostriches can only run but not be able to fly. Their feet have a razor-sharp nail, 12 cm long. If agitated, the ostrich will play a "dangerous two-legged two-armed" martial arts. Their attacks easily break human bones. In 2007, the crested ostrich was considered the "most dangerous bird in the world" in the Guinness Book of Records. Photo: Mental Fross.
Wolverine is famous for its English name like a hot-tempered superhero of Marvel - Wolverine. This animal weighs from 10-25 kg, ie only a dog. The body is not too big but wolves still easily hunt large animals like deer or elk. Owing to its ability to eat scavengers, the weasel has very strong teeth, which makes it easy to tear frozen flesh. Sharp nails are also dangerous weapons of weasels. Photo: Pinterest.
Wild boars
Wild boars have a gentle appearance but are the most aggressive. They tend to be violent with unpredictable behaviors. A wild boar can weigh 90 kg. The biggest difference between wild boars and domestic pigs is the pair of long, sharp, knife-like fangs. When agitated, they will use their fangs to attack the enemy. Wild boar stabs can have very serious consequences.
Saltwater crocodile
Saltwater crocodile is 6 m long and weighs nearly a ton. This size makes them the largest reptile in the world. Tests have also shown that saltwater crocodiles have the strongest bite force in the world. The aggressive nature makes these animals more dangerous. They become very unpredictable during the mating season. Saltwater crocodiles do not hesitate to attack lions or water buffaloes.

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