Dinh Cau with over 300 years old in Phu Quoc

The most sacred destination of the pearl island is associated with many legends passed down by fishermen.

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Dinh Cau is the most famous spiritual destination on Phu Quoc Island. The palace is located on a rapids facing the sea, about 200 meters west of Duong Dong town. According to records, the current palace was built in 1937 and restored in 1997. To reach the palace, visitors must step through 29 stone steps.
According to locals, Dinh Cau dates back to the 17th century, when the first inhabitants from the Central came to settle on the island. Many people went out to the far offshore,  met strong waves and can not return forever. Suddenly they saw a cliff gradually emerging at the mouth of the sea and landed. The people of the island consider it as the sacred stone and build a temple to pray for divine protection in the sea disaster. They began to come here to worship and the trip to the sea met the calm sea.
The temple worships Cau Quy, Cau Tai and the Lord of the Princess. These are real characters in the Central region, originating from the belief of worshiping Princess Ngoc and her two sons. Dinh Cau is also one of the clearest evidences in the process of cultural exchange in the Southern region.

Over 300 years of existence, Dinh Cau is associated with many legends passed down by fishermen. They believe that from the day the place of worship was established, the people going to the sea had almost no calamities and storms. Every day before going to the beach, fishermen often come to Dinh Cau to burn incense and pray for peace. Every year on the big holidays, Lunar New Year, tourists, islanders and boat owners visit very crowded. Especially on the 15th and 16th October lunar month, this place also has a big festival, attracting many people to attend.
Around Dinh Cau are stone blocks with special shapes. This is a "tiger-tail turtle-head" rock, the left tip is shaped like a turtle's head, the other tip looks like a tiger's head.
Dinh Cau is not only a sacred place but also the most beautiful sunset-watching spot on Phu Quoc Island. The sea here is calm. In the evening, visitors can also go to Dinh Cau night market to shop, eat and learn about the lives of indigenous people.

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