Disabled guests accuse airport security staff of causing difficulties

Group of female guests expressed frustration at the request to remove the metal brace to check the security of airport staff.

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The incident occurred at Kolkata Airport (India) posted by NZ Herald on October 23. A group of disabled activists criticized security guards after refusing to allow them to board a flight to New Delhi (India). According to the Times of India, the group is expected to go to New Delhi to attend the UN women's rights conference on disability.

Kuhu Das, one of these guests, was born with paralysis and was only able to walk thanks to the metal leg brace. Security staff asked her to remove metal braces to get through the scanner. Kuhu Das said this is no different from public humiliation.

"When I refused to remove them, another officer appeared and they told each other that they had never seen anyone like me before. Do these people mean that I was from another planet? Forcing me to remove the metal braces. It's like asking to take off your pants. I have flighted many times but I have never met this case, " said expressingly social activist.
The group was annoyed by requests from airport security staff. Photo: NZ Herald.
Another colleague of Kuhu Das, who suffered from cerebral palsy, sitting in a wheelchair, was refused to board the flight.

A CISF official, the Central Armed Police Force, reviewed the video after the incident and worked with the above officer. In reply to Times of India, this person confirmed that the officer had followed the standard inspection process. "They didn't mean to embarrass her," said the CISF representative.

The official Twitter account of Kolkata Airport also apologized to the two disabled guests and promised not to cause the same situation.

According to the Hindustan Times, CISF has issued provisions that allow disabled guests to sit in a wheelchair and keep prosthetics through a security checkpoint. However, some airport staffs are still not aware of this provision resulting in many unwanted incidents.

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