Discover Dau Dang Waterfall with the majestic nature of the Northeast

Dau Dang Waterfall is like a majestic picture of nature between two limestone ranges on the Nang river where connecting Bac Kan and Tuyen Quang provinces.

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If you are looking for a place for your next adventure, head to Dau Dang Waterfall where has a mix of rivers and mountains. Where you can hear the harmonious tune of nature.
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Geographical location

Dau Dang Waterfall is a scenic spot in Ba Be National Park, Ba Be District, Bac Kan Province, about 4 km from Ba Be Lake. Following the flow of the Nang River to Hua Tibetan village, hundreds of large rocks blocked to form the Dau Dang waterfall. With the magnificent beauty, Dau Dang Waterfall soon became an attractive destination for many tourists.
Road to Dau Dang Waterfall (Source: Internet)
If you in Hanoi want to move to Dau Dang Waterfall, it is quite easy, you just need to go to My Dinh Bus Station to take Thuong Nga bus directly to Ba Be Lake and move by boat to the waterfall.

If you choose a motorbike, then go from Hanoi along Highway 3 to Thai Nguyen, to the junction with TL 268 (km 31) - turn left to Dinh Hoa (Cho Chu) - continue along TL 254 to Bang Lung (Cho Don) about 40km to Ba Be or you can choose the route from Hanoi to follow Highway 3 to Bac Kan - go to Phu Thong Town - turn left to follow TL 258 about 40km is to Ba Be.

For those of you in Ho Chi Minh City to visit Dau Dang Waterfall, you can choose the following options:

Transfer 2 hours by plane to Hanoi - My Dinh Bus Station boarding the Thuong Nga bus directly to Ba Be.
Move by Ho Chi Minh train to Hanoi station - My Dinh bus station - Ba Be lake by Thuong Nga bus and continue the same route.
Transfer by car from Ho Chi Minh - My Dinh Bus Station to Hanoi - Ba Be Lake and continue the same route. Traveling by car will take a bit of time but will save a decent cost compared to the other 2 vehicles.

After arriving at Ba Be Lake, we will move by boat to Dau Dang Waterfall for about 45 minutes and continue walking along a 500m concrete trail to reach the most beautiful waterfall floor.

Currently, apart from the means of transport by boat from Ba Be Lake to Dau Dang Waterfall, there is no other way to move. In the past, there used to be trails leading to the falls, but now they are flooded, so it is almost impossible to move.

Characteristics of Dau Dang Waterfall

Dau Dang Waterfall has a length of more than 1,000m flowing through hundreds of blocks of rocks of all shapes, stacked to form majestic shapes. The banks are lush green trees, making the waterfall more mysterious.
The magnificent Dai Dau waterfall (Source: Internet)
The water falls from the waterfall roaring, white bubbles, sometimes there is a smooth flow. Many tourists are surprised and find it interesting that behind the peaceful river, there is an aggressive waterfall. Amidst wild and magnificent nature, people suddenly feel how small they are.

Beginning in March - April every year, after the first rains of the rainy season, the water pouring into the waterfall makes chilling roars. Also at this time, visitors again witnessed the scene of each musculus Bagarius bagarius flock racing over the falls, creating an interesting picture of "fish crossing the storm gate".

What interesting when traveling to Dau Dang Waterfall?

Coming to Dau Dang Waterfall, visitors will see the magnificent waterfall, delight in playing in the water, sit on the rocks and admire the beautiful mountain scenery here.

The landscape of the river mixed with the green forest will help you feel like you are immersed in nature, enjoy unique and delicious food or learn about the unique cultural features of indigenous people which will be meaningful experiences.
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Dau Dang Waterfall is really a great destination. If you have the opportunity to come to the Northeast, you should take the time to explore this place. In addition, to Bac Kan, you can also stop at Nang Tien Cave, Puong Cave or Thach Long Pagoda, Na Nang hydropower lake ... to have more interesting experiences for your trip!

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