Discover the mystery of culture and architecture in London

The capital of England has a history of over 2,000 years old, is a city famous for the bustle, located on the calm Thames, with new architectural buildings, typical corners of England.

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The city is famous for the Clock Tower, typically Big Ben, the royal family and Buckingham Palace, the City of London financial and economic center or clubs familiar to football lovers like Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspur... London has many airports, the largest, the most crowded is Heathrow located west of the city.

If you only check-in, you can finish it within 3 days. But if you really want to feel, explore the city intersecting between ancient features, this modernity, you should spend at least a week. Because, England, London have interesting angles.
Well-off Jewish Quarter in zone 3 (near Brent Cross and Hendon Central)
Regarding transportation, the people of the foggy city use many subways (tube, underground), railway, bus and walk. Uber and taxis only when traveling in groups of people or necessary, private cars are limited. City traffic is generally crowded, rushed but not disorder.
In front of Moorgate station gate - an underground circle symbol for the tube, and two parallel lines with arrows are rail.
To explore this beautiful city conveniently, you can go by area, one day can go 1-2 clusters. Because the attractions only operate from 10 to 17h (some places to 18h), visitors must take advantage of, should have a specific schedule to save time.

Lon don has main areas such as City, Westminster, Soho, Mayfair, Knightsbridge, and South Kensington. Holding a map of tourist (tourist map) is that you will know which group to go near each other, what attractions. Alternatively, you can use google maps or Citimapper to check which bus to take for your journey.
The familiar cabcar on the streets of London
From Moorgate, walk along the streets of London's economic, financial district, where new architectural buildings interspersed with old buildings. Prominent is The Shard's building shaped like a sword and The Gherkhin like a cucumber. The system of restaurants and eateries in this area is also plentiful due to the crowded offices and tourists in this area.

For a while, visitors will arrive at Liverpool Street Station. Along with Euston, Paddington, Waterloo, Victora, Liverpool St is one of the major stations, with a national railway to go to the suburbs of London and other cities.
A corner of Liverpool Street Station at noon was also crowded and bustling.
Leave the station, go round to the London Bridge and Borough Market that is located in the center, near the River Thames, London Bridge, large and bustling. Here, many tourists come to visit, shop, and the owner of the shop are invited to try the food they sell. Multi-ethnic, skin-colored sales people, including British, European, Turkish and Middle Eastern, Chinese.

Exit the market, head for London Bridge by following a road along new high-rise buildings. In addition to the above locations, you can visit the St Paul's Cathedral (2nd largest in the UK, just behind Liverpool Cathedral), the over 900-year-old London Tower - where many valuable treasures of the Royal Family are displayed, or Tate Modern and London Museum if you want to learn more about the culture of this city.

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