Drunken guests try to jump off the plane from a height of 12,000 m

The incident happened when a drunken man tried to open the plane door at an altitude of 12,000 m. The crew must tame him with plastic wrap.

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Flight from Moscow (Russia) to Phuket (Thailand) of Nordwind Airlines was first interrupted by "drunken thugs".

Panic agents hurried to prevent a drunk man (about 30 years old) from getting tried to open the door of the Boeing 777 aircraft at an altitude of 12,000 m in the air.
A drunken man was about to open the door, jumping off the plane from an altitude of 12,000 m. Photo: Anna Liesowska.
An onboard doctor tried to calm his drunkenness but to no avail. Later, seven other passengers entered, but they could not hold him back either. The crew had to resort to wrapping drunken people in plastic wrap and placing him in the aisles.

The flight must make an emergency landing in Uzbekistan. Passengers were delayed 4 hours when the crew handed over the drunk to the police waiting on the ground. Russian traffic police confirmed that "aerial thugs" were handed over to Uzbekistan police in Tashkent.

The nightmare didn't end there. Two other drunken passengers scrambled in the cabin and a few others had to quickly intervene to separate them.
A nightmare flight from Moscow (Russia) to Phuket (Thailand). Photo: Anna Liesowska.
Then the employee saw a drunk passenger smoking in the toilet. The man was quickly taken away by Thai officials as soon as the plane landed. Because smoking on flights is illegal.

The disaster happened though there was absolutely no alcohol on the plane. Elena Demidova, a television reporter on the flight, recorded the incident and put it on social media. She said: "This is the first time I've seen many events happening on such a flight. Thank you all because we are still alive."

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