Thursday, October 17, 2019

Events not to be missed in October in Hoi An

Visitors will discover the Zombie Land haunted house, Halloween masquerade, enjoy a minishow named 'She ...' at Hoi An Impressive Park.

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This October, in Con Hen, Cam Nam, Hoi An takes place a series of events to congratulate Vietnamese women and Halloween week.

Congratulations on 'She ...' in a unique way

To celebrate half the world with the sweetest, Hoi An Impressive Park will hold an event called "She ...". Visitors can go to the Bridge of Love area to send cards to their loved ones at the Memory Box and capture happy and funny photos at the tree heart gate and giant lights.

On the occasion of Vietnamese Women's Day on October 20, in the central square area, female tourists will have the opportunity to receive a watercolor portrait of artist Le Vi. In addition, to express affection and health, couples can participate in the minigame "Love is to Hug" really fun, vibrant.
Events not to be missed in October in Hoi An
Activities at the park in October.
The highlight of the "She ..." series is the "Di du dua di" minishow which newly staged based on the hit song by singer Bich Phuong. This minishow takes place until October 31 at Park Square. And on Lady Night 20/10, all drinks at Charm Chill Bar will be reduced by 30% for female guests.

The park also cooperates with Quang Nam - Danang photography club to organize a photo exhibition of women portraits with impressive smiles, kisses ...

'Zombie Land - Zombie Life' first appear in Hoi An

Visitors continue to experience the atmosphere of the Western festival at Halloween week, October 23 - October 31.

Most notably, the Zombie Land ghost house is staged in a Japanese village. At Zombie Land first appeared in Hoi An, visitors will participate in the minigame "Who is braver than anyone" to challenge courage and if you pass will receive pairs of tickets to the reality show of Hoi An Memory .
Events not to be missed in October in Hoi An
Visitors can participate in costume during Halloween.
In the last days of October, the park will be filled with Halloween atmosphere with ghost sounds and dim lights, many miniatures are decorated with pumpkins, blood moon, bats, dry trees ... Enjoy the performance of "zombies", based on the music of Thriller by the pop king Michael Jackson.

If you want a real Halloween 31/10 night, join the masquerade party to find the Queen of the night. Another way is to soak up the booming rock music at Charm Chill Bar themed Ancolho from Hell, enjoy Combo Cocktail package with VND 300,000 for 4 people.

And in the kiosks in the park, visitors will enjoy the gifts or souvenirs in the shops "Sweet World" and "Happy Halloween".
Events not to be missed in October in Hoi An
Hoi An Impressive Park is located on Con Hen, Quang Nam.

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