Experience in Bagan ancient city

Located in central Myanmar, Bagan is one of the greatest archaeological sites in the world with more than 3,800 temples and shrines 800 - 1,000 years old.

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Photo: Krist Setyawan / Flickr.
Located in Mandalay, the ancient capital of Bagan - the land of ancient temples recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2019. Come here, besides visiting the ancient temples, you can join the flight experience on the balloon, explore the volcano Popa.

Moving to Bagan

After taking a flight to Yangon, travelers continue to use domestic flight to reach Mandalay. Tickets to move between the two regions cost about 160 USD.

To save money, you can take a bus from Yangon to Bagan, the average ticket price is 16,000 kyat (about 10 USD). The bus system in Myanmar is well evaluated, the bus stops at the bus stop and distributes water and towels to guests during the trip. On this road, visitors will admire the beautiful natural scenery.

What to do in Bagan?

Discover the ancient temples

In Bagan, there are many temples, each temple has a unique story and architecture. Ananda is known as the most beautiful temple in Bagan, built of plaster, glazed tiles and gold leaf inlaid interior. 4 golden Buddha statues in 4 directions are the most prominent feature of the temple.

You can come here in Pyahto month (from December to January), to attend a week-long local festival. During this festival, 1,000 monks will chant continuously for 72 hours. Thousands of people will camp around the temple during the holiday and make offerings to the monks on the morning of the full moon.

Named "the temple of forgiveness", Gawdawpalin temple is associated with the legend of a king who became blind after making a mistake with his ancestor. This temple was later built to atone for the sin when this work was completed, the king's eyes light up again. After the 1975 earthquake, archaeologists have discovered many secret paths here.

Shwesandaw Pagoda is the best place to catch the sunrise in Bagan. This vision gives you a broad view without any obstacles. However, pay attention to come early to get a good shot angel before the location becomes crowded.
Photo: Burma Travel.

Experience flying on balloons

Admiring the panoramic view of Bagan from a hot air balloon is one of the most striking activities in this ancient city. The price of a hot-air balloon flight is about US $ 300 per person per flight.

To experience, you need to stay up from 4 am, then follow the shuttle bus from the hotel to the flying field in Inle lake. Before flying, you will be instructed in safety rules as well as waiting for the balloons to be prepared.

Each balloon can carry 10 to 16 people including the driver. The hot air balloon when flying low is only about 300 m above the ground.
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Explore the Popa volcano

Located 50 km south of Bagan, Popa is a volcano that stopped working 2,500 years ago. The mountain is 1,518 m high and has a cool climate as going high. Popa is considered by locals to be Mount Olympus of Myanmar.
Photo: Travel Around The Globe.
At the top of the mountain is the sacred Taung Kalat temple. To get here, you must go all 777 steep stairs. When climbing, be aware of the monkeys around because they can rob your food or belongings.

Discovery cuisine

Mohinga is a traditional Burmese noodle dish. The main ingredients of the dish are fresh fish and noodles (in areas without sea, fish can be replaced with meat). The broth is made from garlic, onions, rice, lemongrass, fish sauce, ginger and chickpea flour or rice flour. Mohinga is a familiar Burmese breakfast, but you can enjoy it at any meal of the day at local tea shops.
Mohinga is a popular dish in Myanmar.
 Intestine Stew is popular street food in Myanmar. The pig's intestine is added to the broth, cooked and then served with noodles and accompanying dishes. You can find this dish in traditional markets.
The tea leaf salad dish of Myanmar.
Tea leaf salad is made from fermented tea leaves, mixed with garlic, salt oil, lemon, legumes and roasted peanuts. You can add dried shrimp to enhance the flavor of the dish. This dish has a profound cultural meaning of peace with the Burmese, used to rise to the court of the Burma during the conflict, to ease the discord in the palace.
The other popular dish of Myanmar - Tiger shrimp curry.
Tiger shrimp curry is a popular dish in Myanmar, especially people in coastal provinces. The broth is made from tomatoes combined with turmeric, garlic, red onion, ginger, chili and fish sauce. In addition to shrimp, this dish can be made with other kinds of seafood.

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