Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Explore the magnificent Tokyo Imperial Palace - where the Emperor is crowned

Tokyo Imperial Palace is famous for its peaceful gardens and ancient architecture.

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At 13:00 this afternoon, October 22, Emperor Naruhito will begin his coronation ceremony at Tokyo Imperial Palace with a speech to at least 2,000 guests and international organizations. (Image: Jiji Press)
Located a 10-minute walk from Tokyo Station, the Imperial Palace was built in the late 1800s but was destroyed during World War II. The building was restored intact after that to become the residence and work of the Japanese royal family. (Photo: CNN)
With the exception of limited, pre-booked tours, the Tokyo Imperial Palace is only open twice a year in public, on January 2 every year and on the reigning Emperor's birthday. (Photo: CNN)
Tokyo Imperial Palace was built on the site of Edo Castle, total area including gardens is 7.41 km2. (Photo: CNN)
A large park area surrounded by moats and stone walls in the middle of Tokyo. (Photo: CNN)
The eastern garden area within the palace grounds is a green space and peaceful lake with a beautifully trimmed garden. (Photo: Place)
North of the Imperial Palace is Kitanomaru Park with a beautiful view. (Photo: Place)
Around Tokyo Imperial Palace are vast green spaces. Here, people can come to have fun and enjoy the fresh, quiet atmosphere. (Photo: CNN)
The palace is also considered the most beautiful cherry blossom viewing spot in Japan. (Photo: CNN)
Hundreds of tourists flock to the east garden of the Royal Palace each time the cherry blossoms bloom. (Photo: CNN)

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