Thursday, October 17, 2019

Female visitors regret not reviewing photo

If Boobbie Cook, a 21-year-old British tourist, reviewed the photos taken on a night out at the bar, she would have no trouble.

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Bobbie Cook flew from Essex, England to Ibiza Island for 5 days. On the second night, she and her friends went to the Pacha club to attend a music event. 

When she discovered her passport was "flying without wings", she frantically searched her bag, checked the toilet, asked the bar and looked around the locations where she had been photographing. Even so, she still could not find her ID.
Boobbie Cook, a 21-year-old British tourist
When taking photos in the bar, Bobbie (rightmost) did not know that her passport was dropped right in front of her. Photo: Jam Press.
After that, Bobbie must apply for an emergency passport at the British consulate. However, the filing date was on Friday so she was not immediately issued documents. This means that the visitor missed his flight home on Monday. A few friends offered to stay with Bobbie to help her. In the end, the female tourist trapped for 4 more days in Ibiza than expected.

On the night of October 15, when reviewing the photos taken on this island, Bobbie suddenly found her passport lying on the ground, right in front of her. "I was shocked, but I couldn't stop laughing," Bobbie said of the incident. She then sent this photo to her friends and posted it on her personal page to tell the story. "I can avoid any trouble if I check the photos then," the tourist said.

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