Find the peak containing rare blue flames in Indonesia

In addition to Bali, Indonesia also owns many places worth visiting once in a lifetime. Ijen volcano in East Java is one of them.

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Located in East Java, at 2,344 m above sea level, Ijen or Kawah Ijen is one of the active volcanoes in Indonesia. It is also a famous tourist destination, attracting devotees who love to conquer nature.
Because you mostly climb the slope for more than 2 hours, you want to experience the journey to be prepared for good physical training before.
If you are not fit, you will have to spend a decent amount of money to hire a taxi service up and down the mountain. Blue flames and acid lakes are the most impressive and attractive places to visit.
When you reach the top of the mountain, you will come across images of workers carrying loads of sulfur-containing ore up to earn additional income. Although the working conditions are dangerous and harmful to health, hundreds of people work here without any protective masks or protective equipment.
Not only attracts tourists by its high altitude and scenery, it is also impressed by being one of the only two destinations in the world that allows visitors to admire the rare blue flames. This flames occur when sulfur gas is burnt and escapes from cracks. However, to see this phenomenon most beautiful, you should join the experience at night.
Lying in the middle of a crater, the giant acid lake creates a majestic and different landscape for this land. Visitors will experience walking on the crater in the cold of about 10 degrees C. With thousands of meters above sea level, the wind on the top of the mountain seems to knock you down.
The scene of mist on the mountain fades like getting lost in a paradise. This white smoke is actually burning sulfur gas. Walking on the crater, watching the breathtaking scenery is an experience worth trying once in a lifetime. 

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