Fort Canning, Singapore's green lungs

Located in a hillside area in the heart of Singapore, Fort Canning Park is surrounded by lush green space of trees, numerous sediments, and history.

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Fort Canning, Singapore's green lungs
Fort Canning Park.
Singapore is not only famous as the most developed country in Southeast Asia with many new modern buildings but also known as the "greenest" city in the world.

The first impression when visitors arrive in this beautiful island nation is the majesty of Changi Airport, the immense green color surrounding the walkway, along with the modern, magnificent architecture, space, and civilization, exquisite accompanying services.

From the airport moving to the city center, the city with a cool blue, covered along the roads. Despite being a small country, the land area for planting and preserving trees is always the top priority of Singapore Government.
Fort Canning, Singapore's green lungs
Known as the "greenest" city in the world, with the goal of "bringing forests into the city", Singapore does not hesitate to invest in buildings with huge green tree spaces, creating a living fresh space for the people. These are parks spread across the island, with green covering 46% of the territory. Therefore, anyone who comes to Singapore will see the green of plants everywhere.

For nature lovers, this place is definitely not to be missed, because this is known as the air conditioner of the city, located right on the hill in the heart of prosperous Singapore. More specifically, this is also an important historical monument, helping visitors to better understand the process of formation and development of Singapore.

There are many ways to get to Fort Canning Park such as taking the subway from the shopping mall's basement, from the snack area, from the National Library's basement. You can also choose a taxi and move to the Singapore History Museum because the Park is located right behind the Museum's premises.

With an area of 18 hectares, Fort Canning Park is located between skyscrapers. The park always attracts a large number of tourists and locals coming here to visit, relax, admire the natural scenery. Many outdoor activities are also organized such as camping with family, friends, cycling or jogging.
Fort Canning, Singapore's green lungs
Walking on the shady hillside of the trees, you breathe in the chest full of fresh air with the cool breeze, the faint aroma of tamarind, cinnamon gently swinging in the golden sunshine early morning. All the chaos of life disappeared, you threw yourself into nature, found peace, relaxation and enjoy this wonderful atmosphere.

The highlight of Fort Canning Park is the corner of the "skylight" stairs, likened to  "the stairway to heaven" located at the end of the Canning Park walking tunnel, starting from the direction of Caning Rise to enter the area. Fort Canning hill. With a straight path from the bottom to the top, with the 360-degree wide dome looking up to see both the sky and the lush green trees.

The corner of the staircase is more special when dotted with lots of plants forming a circle around the mouth of the mossy cave. Under the chimneys of fern moss, plants covered with gray bricks. The location of this corner of the staircase is quite special and this place also a place of virtual living favored by a lot of young people. 
Fort Canning, Singapore's green lungs
In addition to the corner of the "virtual living" stairs, you continue to visit the spice garden and the ASEAN sculpture garden, fully enjoying the green atmosphere of the park. There are also many native plants - animals that are quite diverse and plentiful. Historic sites on precinct such as cemeteries, fortresses and some underground tunnels as living proofs of epic battles in Singapore history are still well preserved.

The fortress is surrounded by a quiet park and an old Catholic cemetery. In particular, the park also has the sacred temple of Bukit Larangan worshiping Sultan Iskandar Shah, the last king of the ancient Kingdom of Singapore.
Fort Canning, Singapore's green lungs
After hours of wandering around historical sites and enjoying the fresh air in Fort Canning Park, you take advantage of calling at the famous Orchard shopping mall right on the park's hill leading down. For shopping enthusiasts, it can not miss this superlative shopping center in Singapore.

In the face of historical and cultural values gradually eroded by technology and artificial products, visiting Fort Canning Park is a memory, gratitude and positive attitude, hônuring historical sites. If you are a nature lover, passionate about history or simply want to explore historical sites, try visiting, because here is always full of surprises for you.

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