Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Free attractions in London

Visiting zoos, museums and galleries can save you money when exploring the foggy city.

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In addition to expensive charging locations, restaurants and shopping venues, London has many free destinations. The following are suggestions for travelers to this city.

The Scoop stage

The Scoop theater in Southwark always has free shows during the summer months, such as community events, live music or movie and soccer. You will also be offered free classical music concerts on stage. In addition to The Scoop, visitors can visit churches in London.
Free performances at The Scoop stage. Photo: Alamy / Steve Vidler.

Richmond Park is famous for its many deer. It is home to more than 630 wild red deer individuals. If you want to watch birds, you can visit bird fields in London such as Camley Road natural park or Greenwich peninsula eco-park.


You can visit the South Kensington area to visit free museums in London. Some suggestions are natural museum, history museum. In addition, visitors can visit the museums of English culture and history in the city.
There is no admission fee to the Natural History Museum. Photo: Alamy / Steve Tulley.
Art gallery

After exploring the museums and parks, you can stroll and immerse yourself in the artworks in London's gallery. In the city, there are many rooms that are open to the public for free, such as the National Galleries, which displays 2,300 paintings from the 13th century until 1900 or Tate Britain and Tate Modern.

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