Geisha photographers can be fined

The government of Gion District, Kyoto, forbids visitors from taking photos of geisha and maiko without their permission.

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Visitors have also not been photographed on privately owned roads since October 25. Residents in Gion district have updated the new rules on notices, bulletin boards ... and distributed leaflets to remind visitors. Surveillance cameras are installed, although violators are not arrested immediately, they can still be identified.

The fine is 10,000 yen (more than 2.1 million dong), but there is no official information about the enforcement unit: the police, members of the local people's council or volunteers.
The Sannenzaka slope leads to the famous Yasaka Temple where visitors can take photos, but they are not allowed to encroach on privately owned paths. Photo: Sorasak / Unsplash.
The move was made when the peace of the old town of Gion was broken when tourists often violating the private property of the local, disturbing geisha and maiko. Local authorities received countless reflections that girls were chased on the streets, forced selfie, snatched hair ornaments ... There were also tourists running into tea rooms or geisha's private houses.

A Japanese citizen commented on the new regulation: "As a photographer and Kyoto lover, I am sad but fully supportive in protecting the atmosphere of Gion". Some expressed a fine of 10,000 yen is not enough power of deterrence, as many visitors may violate intentionally and then pay for it.

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