Ghost waves lurk, devouring all boats in the sea

The 30 m high ghost waves often appear abruptly at sea, endangering any unfortunate means of transport encountered.

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Ghost waves (also known as killer waves, toxic waves, monster waves ...) often appear suddenly on the sea. With its enormous size and height of up to 30 m, ghost waves can appear suddenly in calm water, the ability to sink a large ship in an instant, becoming an unpredictable hazard for transportations at sea. Photo: Magicseaweed.
On July 26, 1909, the SS Waratah freighter left Durban en route to Cape Town with 211 people. The massive 150 meter-long ship then went missing offshore and was discovered nearly 290 km away. Over the past few decades, more than 50 large ships have been severely damaged by huge waves in the southeastern waters of South Africa. Photo: Pinterest.
The series of incidents brings a closer look to scientists during the study of the mysterious wave phenomenon. Studies of the MaxWave (maximum wave) project of the European Space Agency (ESA) show that 10 ghost waves over 25 meters have appeared in 3 weeks at sea. Several giant waves are seen in the Agulhas flow, off the east coast of South Africa. Photo: Magnesia News.
Dr. Marten Grundlingh and colleagues from the South African Council for Scientific and Industrial Research plotted the location of all accidents over a 20-year period. They found that the location of all disasters coincided with Agulhas. Photo: National Geographic Society.
This warm current almost embraces the east coast of South Africa, flows from northeast to southwest and transports water from India to the Southern Ocean. With a maximum speed of about 8.5 km / h, this is one of the fastest and strongest flows in the world. About 70 million cubic meters of water transports from the Agulhas stream every second. Photo: Leeslabber.
This phenomenon is explained by the encounter of giant waves and currents that meet at sea. Waves and currents as two sources of energy travel in opposite directions on the surface of the ocean. When they meet, the airflow energizes them and makes them bigger. Second, the flow pushes the waves in the middle, regrouping and creating giant "monsters" at sea. Photo: The Sun.

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