Golden rice season on the "foggy country" Mang Ri

Located on an altitude of 1,200 - 1,500m, Mang Ri commune (Tu Mo Rong, Kon Tum) is known as a "land of fog". In particular, every October, Mang Ri pan is covered with gold by terraced fields, making people fascinated.

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In terms of topographic characteristics, Mang Ri commune is considered the most favorable area to develop wet rice and medicinal plants. Mang Ri commune topography is like a big pan, 4 sides surrounded by Ngoc Linh mountain range above 1,500m.

Unlike the ethnic minorities in the Central Highlands, Mang Ri people have been working in terraced fields since ancient times to make use of the spring water from the mountain to flow into for two-crop rice cultivation. Because of creating food sources on the spot, all families do not have to worry about the "hunger" of the near harvest season. This is also considered the "largest granary" in Tu Mo Rong district.

Pictures of golden rice season in Mang Ri country:
The "fascinated" beauty  with rice fields in the country of Mang Ri
Mang Ri commune appears dimly after a mist on the Ngoc Linh mountain range
The pan is covered with the yellow color of rice, planted by Xe - Dang people on terraced fields
It is the ravishing beauty that makes paparazzi travel hundreds of kilometers to record the ripening season
Terraces and cottages, like a "graphic" picture.
Images of Xe Dang people "stooping" to harvest rice on terraced fields
Since ancient times, Xe Dang villagers have been able to grow 2 crops of rice and cultivate terraced fields to conduct water.
Each generation in the Mang Ri pan thanks fed by the rice of this place. Therefore, young and old people have been working in the fields since childhood.
Happy days of in harvesting of Xe Dang ethnic people.
Compared to the previous year, this crop is not much but was negligible.
The students are on their way from home to school.
Rice seeds in the basin have nurtured many dreams of Xe Dang children.
Mang Ri basin looking from above.

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