Saturday, October 19, 2019

Guests wear 11 shirts and pants to avoid overweight

Standing in the airport, the female passenger pulled up her shirt and pulled down her pants so her friends could count all the clothes she was wearing.

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Gel Rodriguez, a female passenger from Davao City, posted on a personal photo page at the airport in early October. In the photo, she wore 3 pairs of pants, 5 T-shirts and 3 thin coats. This way Gel's hand luggage can be reduced from 9 kg to 6.5 kg and not exceed the airline's regulations.
Guests wear 11 shirts and pants to avoid overweight
When listening to airport staff announced hand luggage is only 7 kg, while the suitcase weighs 9 kg, Gel decided to wear everything that can be on people and take pictures showing off friends. Photo: Facebook.
Her post quickly received more than 1,000 comments, more than 19,000 shares and 31,000 likes. Most people expressed interest in Gel's handling of the situation. Many people excitedly tell about the tip of not having to pay your overweight. In addition, some people also left comments that passengers should bring enough weight to avoid the dilemma.

In an interview on October 15, Gel said she did not expect her photo to be shared so widely. "If I knew it, I would look better," she said. However, Gel said she will not repeat this because: "It is really hot. I advise people not to follow."

This is not the first time, passengers "circumvent the law" to not pay an extra fee. An English guest avoided paying an additional $ 81 for overweight by wearing four skirts, two shorts and a skirt on his neck.
Guests wear 11 shirts and pants to avoid overweight
In 2018, Lee Cimino, 30, from the UK designed a jacket with large storage compartments, with the capacity of a small suitcase to be able to carry more carry-on luggage. Photo: Lee Cimino.

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