Hang Ma Street is crowded with people before Halloween

From 19 o'clock, the flow of people moving slowly in the middle of the street to choose to buy costumes, masks, witches and ghosts, pumpkin-shaped toys.

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Before Halloween (October 31), Hang Ma Street gathered many visitors, taking photos and shopping. From 19 to 21 o'clock, the flow of people crowded and moving slowly on the road. Many people have to stop and wait for congestion resolved.

In the photo is the road between Dong Xuan and Hang Luoc.
Pedestrians hustle to buy Halloween-themed costumes. Many parents said they shop for their children to take part in school holidays.
Oanh, a sales person, said toys and clothes were on sale for about a month. However, in a recent week, especially on weekends, guests just flocked to take pictures and shop. In addition to the students, families with children are also very crowded.
On occasions of the year such as Chinese New Year, Mid-Autumn Festival or Christmas, Hang Ma Street is filled with the corresponding decorations. Before Halloween, the shops displayed many witch costumes, superheroes, bone-printed clothes and toys such as pumpkin lanterns, witch brooms, death sticks, and set of canines.
Most toys have lovely shapes, suitable for young children. Only certain types of devil-shaped masks are on sale.
The clothes with many sizes are sold for 100,000 - 150,000 VND. Witch hats and lanterns cost about 30,000 - 80,000 VND.
Tourists enjoy taking photos with makeup. Thuc Anh (left) said that this is the first year she went to Halloween on Hang Ma street. "The atmosphere is busy, crowded, my grandchildren and many other small children are very excited," she said
Julia (left) and Marc, German tourists, said they had been to Vietnam for about a month. They were fascinated by the crowded and bustling scene of the street.

"In Germany, there are not as many activities or pumpkin gardens as in the US. We often organize family dinners, dress up as characters and prepare candies for children," Marc said.
Tony, 8, said: "I know the ghost holidays when I go to school and I'm happy to be here. The outfit I'm wearing is a witch costume."

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