Heicheng - an ancient citadel as "forgotten" on the silk road

Heicheng or Heicheng Historic Site is in Ejin Town, Dalai Hubu Town, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, China. The castle is currently located on the G7 highway and not far from the country's Tuuquan Space Center.

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According to Xinhua, Heicheng is the largest and best preserved city along the ancient Silk Road connecting China with East and West Asia. This is also an important historical and cultural monument preserved by China at the national level, but it is also "devastated" by time and nature, especially after sandstorms.

Located about 25 km southeast of Dalai Hubu town, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, China; about 30 km from G7 motorway and about 300lm to the North of Tuuquan Space Center. The move to Heicheng is not too difficult, but this place is little known.

Heicheng is also known as a relatively intact archaeological relic from the 11th century despite the ravages of time. Specifically, the 10-meter-high ancient city walls and a pagoda dating from the Western Xia period (1038-1227) in the city which are still preserved to this day.

This place used to be the resting place of merchants, where wealthy merchants were staying with their possessions hidden, where the shops were busy for a while but now almost disappeared. Any trace of it is nothing.

Look at this "forgotten" citadel!
A corner of Heicheng.
The poles in the early sunshine evoke a gloomy, sad feeling.
Heicheng viewed from the helicopter with the 10m high walls was invaded by the sand as if to bury it.
Many items have disappeared, in the city only remains a temple from the 11th century.
In many areas, the sand has reached the surface of the 10m citadel.
Heicheng in the sunny dawn.
Dawn in Heicheng welcomes a new day.

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