Hexagonal cloud creates an air bomb in the sky of the Devil's Triangle

The series of hexagonal clouds folded in the sky is a sign of a rare natural phenomenon, potentially endangering ships, boats, and aircraft when crossing Bermuda.

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Scientists and meteorologists have discovered some strange hexagonal clouds. This hexagonal series is next to each other, with straight edges, existing in the Atlantic sky with an area of about 32-88 km. This is a rare phenomenon because cloud formation in the sky usually happens randomly. Photo: Haftha.
Hexagonal clouds were discovered west of the Bermuda Triangle, approximately 241 km off the coast of Florida (USA), near the Bahamas. This strange phenomenon was also noticed when appearing in the North Sea (about 7,240 km from the Bermuda Triangle). Photo: Live Science.
A modern satellite radar device capable of looking through clouds has captured unique images from the sky. Photographs on the North Sea show that the wind speed at the ocean surface in the Devil's Triangle is about 162 km / h. At this time, the waves are often large and high, easily endangering ships and boats. Photo: Pinterest.
Meteorologists also confirmed that a series of hexagonal clouds with straight edges lined up like air bombs in the sky. They can explode at any time and create vertical winds down to the ocean at speeds of up to 274 km / h. Photo: Perfectcloser.
Ships, boats, and airplanes passing through the sky that appear hexagonal clouds on the sea are likely to get incidents of capsizing, sinking, failing machines and even being caught in strong winds. This phenomenon also creates huge waves nearly 14 m high. Photo: JOJ Family.
Hexagonal clouds are also one of the explanations given to answer the question of the mysterious disappearance incident series in the Bermuda Triangle. However, many scientists have rejected this hypothesis due to the lack of evidence. Photo: Stars and Stripes.

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