Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Highway to heaven and the photos as edited

The coincidence of context combined with fortunes helps photographers capture as many virtual moments as they have been edited.

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Cloudiness and visual constraints make this highway seem to last forever. Some comments say if you go all you will go to heaven.
The image feels like there are 4 scenes in a frame. In fact, this is a coincidence when the barrier is at the intersection of the sky, the illuminated grove, the shaded grove, and the water.
"I see four seasons in the same picture. It would be great to live in this room," shared Luna999 account.
The angle taken from the bottom makes the mountain climbing boy look like a giant. This type of shooting is also a familiar way to bring out the subject.
The camera that took this photo received a lot of compliments from the online community. To create two elephants in the same photo, the photographer must be very fast to catch the moment and depend heavily on luck.
The picture is one but it looks like 2 pieces. The sight of many viewers was fooled by the electric pole located in a "favorable" position.
Sunlight on the carpet, reflected on the cat lying near the window to create strange fur. "I still thought this was the work of a naughty child until I looked closely at the rug below," Alica said.
The angle that covers the back of the cow makes the viewer see only the head. Many users agree this is an interesting trend to apply for Halloween.
The plane moves in the right direction of the statue raising up the bow creates an interesting scene. Some comments claim that the photo has been edited. "The cloud when the plane passes by can last for about 2-3 minutes. The shooting of this photo is not difficult that need photoshop," answered That doggo account.
This photo is controversial on the Bored Panda website. The poster claimed that this was the effect created when the black car was polished. Some comments suggest that the black car could not create such an impressive reflection effect. "I think this is a vehicle equipped with Wonder Woman's stealth mode," user Wisdom Evee said.
Sunlight on the cave made the rock glow, beautiful as an amber mass.

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