Ideal spots to welcome Christmas in Europe

The pine trees, decorative lights and the sweet scent of hot waffles are typical of winter in Europe, especially at Christmas.

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Here are suggestions for places to visit later in the year.

Burge, Belgium

Visitors can stroll around Bruges square sparkling in the light, buy traditional wooden toys or delicious chocolates. You can visit the Belfort Tower or stroll around the city canals and Minnewaterz lake, admire the medieval works in the city.

Lapland, Finland

Lapland is one of the must-see spots if you want to enjoy Christmas in Europe. Photo: Nottingham Post.
For those looking for a true Christmas season, Santa's hometown Lapland is a place not to be missed. You can visit Santa's office, open all year except for holidays. This is also an interesting tourist destination for children. Alternatively, you can join the reindeer ride experience and watch the aurora borealis.

London, England

Early in November Oxford shopping area was flooded with Christmas lights welcoming people and tourists to come here to shop. For those who like winter sports, the ice rink at Somerset Ice Rink or the National History Museum will be places not to be missed (however, you must book early to avoid full seats). You can also take part in the Winter Wonderland event at Hyde Park, which starts on November 21.

Stockholm, Sweden

You will have the opportunity to experience a Christmas different from the cities in Europe. Make sure you visit the old market when exploring Stockholm to buy yourself special gifts from Sweden.

In addition to the above cities, you can visit other European cities to enjoy at Christmas as Berlin (Germany), Innsbruck (Austria), Cologne (Germany) and Prague ( Czech).

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