Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Information to know when making a US tourist visa (Part 2)

You want to travel and explore America. However, the visa application process is the biggest obstacle for you. Please follow the second part of "The information needed when making a US tourist visa" for the most complete information to prepare well for your visa application process.

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It is very important to prepare and arrange documents for the process of interviewing for a US tourist visa at the consulate. Especially these papers must be in the right order, divided into 3 main sections so that when requested, they will be presented quickly and accurately.
Section I: Documents relating to the application for an interview for a US tourist visa
This section REQUIRES the following 6 documents:

1. ID card or other personal papers with clear photo and household registration book (All are originals).

2. Passport: Must remove the outer cover, signed by the applicant on page 3. Note: The passport must be valid for at least 6 months up to the end of the US tour. Please bring your old passport to other countries (if any).

3. The application for a US tourist visa in the form DS-160 has been confirmed, with a barcode.

4. Receipt of payment of the 160 USD non-refundable Visa application fee

5. Two 5x5 photos, white background. Request pictures to be pasted or stamped with 2 pins in the left corner (at the bottom) of the DS-160.

6. Confirmation of interview appointment registered on the website

Note: For those using diplomatic or official passports should add: the original diplomatic note of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Vietnam. The first one has to submit the original, the following ones submit the same copy when many people use the same note.
Section II: Documents proving trip purpose:
You need to print and bring along when interviewing for a US tourist visa:

- An agency travel program

- Invitation letter from American partner

- Confirmation of reservation or air ticket

- Confirmation of travel insurance

- In the case of an employee or business owner, there must be: The decision of the company/organization for travel to the US with a signed date of leave. Specify the cost of the trip to be paid by whom (Required similar to what is declared in DS-160 - Application for a US tourist visa).
Section III: Documents proving the applicant's ties in Vietnam, affirming to the Embassy that "I will return after the end of the trip!", All must be originals:

- Old passports used to travel to other countries (especially in developed countries: Europe, Australia, Japan, Korea, ...) or related photos and papers: This is considered as A great advantage for an interview, should be taken right out with your business card.

- Financial proofs such as: house/land, car, stock and share certificate, savings book, house/car rental contract, etc. as much as possible.

- Marriage certificate or divorce certificate (proof of marital status), birth certificate (proof of binding of children).

- Flyer / Catologue introduces business or product - business service or company website printout.

- Business card

*** Some other cases need:

- Employee: Labor contract / Position appointment certificate / Workplace confirmation: working time, position, monthly salary (The higher the better, to prove that the applicant is capable and needs USA travel).

- Business owner: Business license with the name of the business owner, confirmation of account balance (the greater the more advantage, the more recent 3-month tax receipt and business contracts proving the company's high-income.

- Retired officers: Retirement cards, pension books.

- Having a child studying in the US, it is necessary to supplement: the transcript or certificate of the latest academic result of the student who is studying abroad, receipt of money transfer, receipt of tuition payment.

Above is the information on how to arrange the most appropriate records for the interview to apply for a US tourist visa and a higher success rate.
In addition, when interviewing you should note the following points:

- Answer short, honest to questions of consular officers.

- American officials will interview you in Vietnamese through an interpreter and may check any fingerprint. (Embassy and Consulate officials call numbers according to the complexity of each case, not necessarily in order, so pay attention to call numbers during the waiting period).

- Answer with emphasis on two main issues: The purpose of the trip is clear and prove that you do not intend to stay in the US after the trip (as evidenced by the obligations of work, family, property, ..) Vietnam).

- Put your business card in the most visible place.

- All are original documents, the consulate will immediately return to the applicant (except for the original passport if issued with a Visa) after review. Check carefully before leaving the interview booth.

* The above information is applied in Vietnam. Other nations can read as a reference.

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