Saturday, October 19, 2019

Inside the best casino hotel in Macau

Not only casino and lounge, but the casino hotel is also a place to bring visitors many entertainment services such as spa, theater, restaurant, and shopping center.

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Macau is a special administrative region of China, famous for big casinos and always vibrant in the world. In particular, Galaxy Casino is one of the largest and most modern casinos in Macau.
This casino is located in the center of the Galaxy Macau entertainment resort complex with about 600 tables. Inside the casino is divided into zones depending on the bet amount from HKD 100 to under 10,000 HKD. VIP room for guests who play 10,000 or more HKD (1 HKD is equivalent to 2,800 VND)
In addition to the bet tables, the casino also arranges automatic slot machines for travelers to try their luck. Regulations on entering the casino are tourists aged 21 years or older and not allowed to film, take photos.
Macau casinos are usually located right in hotels or entertainment resorts. There are 6 hotels in Galaxy Macau, located in a position that creates a world-class resort with nearly 4,000 rooms. In it, hundreds of high-class rooms have private pools inside and outside the room and the spa system at the property.
The 120 restaurants in this complex mainly serve Chinese cuisine, in addition to Italian, Portuguese, Korean and Thai dishes. Remarkably, eight of them received Michelin stars. As a result, visitors can explore Macau cuisine and many countries around the world in luxurious and modern space.
Guests can also relax in soothing music and glamorous cocktails in bars and lounges on the top floor of the buildings. In addition to enjoying drinks, you can also watch bartenders showcasing concoctions.
With a capacity of 3,000 seats, the Broadway theater is a place where visitors can enjoy the best and new entertainment performances and shows all over the world. In addition, you can also enjoy vivid 3D movies with a 5-star experience thanks to smart seats and modern effects.
Guests can also satisfy the passion of shopping at Promenade with famous brands in Asia and the world. Alternating system of fashion shops are cafes, meeting halls for entertainment activities, life events and music performances. Photo: wiki
After hours of shopping, you can relax and find some relaxing moments at the spa system in the complex. The full body massage, foot reflexology here are traditional Asian styles to bring visitors close and comfortable in a modern and elegant space.
For those who love the outdoors, the Grand Resort Deck with an area of up to 75,000 m2 is a place not to be missed. You can relax your body at Skytop Adventure Rapids - the longest exploration river in the world (575m).
It also owns the largest roofing wave pool in the world. Located on the 3rd floor, the lake can create waves as high as 1.5 meters, along with a 2,000 m2 beach with 350 tons of white sand, can accommodate up to 1,000 guests along the 150 m of the lakeside.

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