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Interesting things about Greenland - where 80% of the area is ice

Interesting things about Greenland - where 80% of the area is ice
Located in the arctic circle, the largest island in the world Greenland has 2 months without a night.

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Greenland, Denmark's autonomous territory, is the largest island in the world located in the arctic climate. When it comes to this land, many people think of huge rivers and ice. However, not everyone knows, Greenland has impressive landscapes and long Inuit culture.

Most of the area is ice

Greenland covers an area of 2.16 million km2 with 80% being ice. The rest has no ice covering, the area is approximately Swedish. With a population of over 56,000, it is one of the most sparsely populated places in the world.
Interesting things about Greenland - where 80% of the area is ice
After Antarctica, Greenland is home to the world's largest iceberg. Photo: Visit Greenland.

Once a green land

Covered in snow, ice and glaciers, the surface of Greenland is mostly white. However, this place is called the green area. According to Visit Greenland, the name was given 1,000 years ago, by a man named Erik Do. After being exiled from Iceland to Greenland for murder, he named this place green land, hoping to attract people to settle down.

However, according to some scientific reports, Greenland was greened 2.5 million years ago. Researchers have discovered ancient soil, lying 3 km deep inside the ice for millions of years.

There are no major roads

Despite its vast size, Greenland does not have a road or rail network linking settlements. There are still roads in town, however, they end up in the suburbs. To travel between regions, people mainly use boats, sleds, dog sleds, helicopters.

Two consecutive months without night

According to CNN, from May 25 to July 25 every year, the sun in Greenland stops setting. During this time, the tilt of the earth along with the orbit of the plane created a "midnight sun" phenomenon in the arctic rings.
Interesting things about Greenland - where 80% of the area is ice
The phenomenon of "midnight sun" causes biological disorders in the human body. Photo: Visit Greenland.
June 21 is the longest day of the year and also a festival in Greenland. Coming here on the summer solstice, visitors will see people basking in the sun and enjoy barbecue outdoors.

The main industry is fishing

The island imports everything but fish, seafood, some animals like whales and seals. However, each fishing area in Greenland has its own quota, to ensure not overfishing. In particular, whales and seals are not exported, only consumed locally.

The thawing here has the greatest impact on sea level rise

The most prominent feature in Greenland is the huge ice sheets, with a thickness of up to 3,000 m and nearly 1.8 million km2 wide. According to CNN, each year the island loses about 270 billion tons of ice. In July 2019 alone, the site lost about 197 billion tons of ice, the equivalent of water in 80 million Olympic swimming pools. The thawing phenomenon here threatens most coastal cities on earth.

There is a modern Arctic research station

To study the impact of climate change, scientists from the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, had to collect data and samples on Disko Island, west of Greenland. Here, the weather is harsh, especially in the winter with temperatures ranging from minus 40 to minus 19 degrees Celsius. Due to the lack of safe accommodation facilities, the team of scientists once suspended research activities.
Interesting things about Greenland - where 80% of the area is ice
Ariston heater - the only product that can operate effectively in the extreme conditions of the polar region has been installed in the Arctic to serve scientists. Photo: Vi Ariston.
To help scientists continue their research, Ariston created the Ariston Comfort Challenge campaign. After 20 months of preparation, transporting equipment to Disko, their top 3 technicians, with the help of over 100 people built a modular house in the cold north pole.

After an arduous journey with more than 60 schedule changes, the research station was completed, capable of saving energy, bringing comfort to the team of scientists with a living room, a bedroom, a bathroom and two technical rooms.

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