Jiuzhaigou Tourism Resort reopened

Jiuzhaigou National Park (Sichuan) reopens but is limited to 5,000 visitors a day.

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Two years of renovation after the earthquake, about 85% of the landscapes in Jiuzhaigou were ready to welcome visitors. However, tourists cannot freely go to Jiuzhaigou but have to follow a group organized by licensed travel companies.

Each passport can only buy one ticket to visit the Jiuzhaigou and must be booked in advance on the official website of this resort.

Opened areas include Thu Chinh Cau (except Fire Lake), Tac Tra Cau and a part of Nhat Tac Cau (from An Nhat Lang to Ngu Hoa lake).

Highlights of Jiuzhaigou are located in the visiting areas such as Nac Nhat Lang waterfall, Ngoi Long lake, Ngu Sac lake, Mirror Lake, Thu Chinh lake, Song Long lake ...
Jiuzhaigou Tourism Resort reopened
Jiuzhaigou (Sichuan, China) is a UNESCO World Heritage Site (1992) and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in China. Photo: pixabay.
According to geologists, Jiuzhaigou was formed on a limestone area of 4,000 meters above sea level, creating a rich ecosystem. With 114 glittering lakes in the vast mountains, Jiuzhaigou is a colorful, charming and fanciful destination.
Jiuzhaigou Tourism Resort reopened
Colorful space of Jiuzhaigou when autumn comes. Photo: pixabay.
After the 7-magnitude earthquake on August 8, 2017, Jiuzhaigou was badly damaged and forced to close. On March 8, 2018, the UNESCO World Heritage site opened to test some items. However, this park continued to close on June 28, 2018 for fear of possible geological risks.

Before the earthquake struck, it welcomed 20,000 visitors a day.

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