Saturday, October 19, 2019

Journey to discover the historical museums in Dubai

Dubai not only has a flashy beauty from unique skyscrapers, or lavish, luxurious golden gilded buildings but also has the presence of historical museums. Those are where to prove for Dubai culture in particular and the United Arab Emirates in general. Visiting the Dubai Museum, visitors will learn more about the poor past as well as the difficult life of the indigenous people at that time.

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Dubai Museum.
Al Fahidi Fort is considered the oldest fortress of the city of Dubai. Previously, Al Fahidi Fort was once a strong fortress of the Emiratis during conquests. Coming here to visit, visitors will admire a majestic, splendid Al Fahidi Fort. Historically, the fort was built by Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Al-Maktoum in 1787 and is located in the old town of Bastakiya.

Outside the Dubai Museum is an exhibit in the form of a traditional wooden boat called Dhow. It can be said that Dhow wooden boat is considered as a close friend to the ancient Arab sailor.
The highlight of the museum is the exhibits on Bedouin such as weapons, jewelry, clothing, everyday items ... Bedouin are residents living in the vast desert areas of Saudi Arabia and Syria. Because of living in the harsh desert areas, Bedouin people have been resilient and intrepid with a distinct and unique traditional culture. Coming here, Dubai tourists will have many interesting discoveries about Bedouin culture.
Bedouin people in Dubai Museum.
Going into the museum, visitors also admire the archaeological artifacts dating from the 2000 to 1000 BC from the residents of Jimeriah, Al Qusais.

Diorama Sand Table in the Dubai Museum is a display area loved by many visitors. It recreates part of the daily life and work of the old Dubai people. The wax art statues at Diorama sand table are combined perfectly with hologram technology to create wax images that are true to life, lively in detail. 
Diorama sand table in the Dubai Museum.
Coming to the Dubai Museum, visitors can also visit the underwater pearl hunting exhibition. Surely, you will not help but be surprised by the images depicting the skillful technique of collecting pearls of ancient fishermen in the deep sea without any modern diving aids.

Another exhibition area that is equally attractive to Dubai tourists is a sand table describing Islamic schools. This is a showroom that clearly reproduces the image of Emiratis children sitting together to memorize the Koran lines, one of the outstanding masterpieces of ancient Arab writing.
Wax depicts old Dubai people, life.
In the Dubai Museum, besides humans, it is impossible not to mention the harsh life of animals in this barren desert, lack of water, lack of food and how will they have to adapt? We will have an answer right away when visiting the desert exhibition hall at night.

When visiting the Dubai Museum, many visitors feel very surprised at the historical artifacts on display. Wax statues, houses to walkways are reproduced in detail and vividness that makes you feel like you are lost in the world of the Arabs. Besides, Dubai traditional culture has many interesting mysteries waiting for you to discover.

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