Lille - the 'little star' of French tourism

Not as flashy as Paris, or as lavish as Cannes, Lille is a bit gentle, gently going into the heart of French tourists early in the late autumn to winter.

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Despite being the capital of the Nord province, the Hauts-de-France Region and the big city in the top 5 in France, the city of Lille is always overlooked by French tourists. The ancient and modern blend together like a cup of milk coffee on the avenue early morning, so perfect it is hard to criticize!

From Paris, taking the tram to Lille will take 20 to 30 minutes, the round trip ticket will be about 22 euros. If you are more economical you can take the public bus, for only 5 €, but takes more than 3 hours on the road. Yet every investment for Lille is entirely worth it, or rather, Lille is a city in stark contrast to the light capital of Paris.
Ancient Lille city in the autumn sun. Photo: LittleWanderbook.
The first thing described by French tourists is that Lille is ancient and very strong French, and the people here are not "trendy or cool" like Paris. Lille people are friendly and likable. This place is a treasure trove of heritage carefully preserved, and the cultural life is impeccable. With countless historical buildings, museums, monuments, parks, gardens, shopping malls ... everywhere is a worthwhile place to visit, so Lille always makes visitors surprised and excited.
Grand Place is the pride of the people of Lille. Photo: Atma
The first place to visit when visiting Lille is the Grand Place square or the full name is Place Charles de Gaulle. This is a huge square surrounded by ancient buildings and is the entrance to the old town located in the heart of Lille. From the tram station, it's only about 10 or 15 minutes walk to Grand Place.
An experienced waiter at Café de Foy. Photo La Voix Du Nord.
There are many cafes located on the square. You can stop and recharge, then explore the city. Café de Foy is famous for French tourists, where you can have coffee, orange juice and toast with jam for € 4.50. Or you can stop by 6 Place Rihour street. This is a crossroads on the side of Grand Place, where there are many cafes with typical outdoor chairs, and when winter comes, visitors will be given a blanket, just to cover by the blanket, just enjoy hot steaming coffee in the cold weather.
Inside the Furet du Nord bookstore is always crowded. Photo: Booksquad.
On the journey to France in Lille, if you are a book lover, you should take the time to visit Furet du Nord store at 15 Place Charles de Gaulle. This is a huge bookstore - one of the largest bookstores in Europe. Not only selling French books, but also English books and small handmade items for tourists to buy as gifts.
Notre-Dame de la Treille Cathedral is sacred. Photo: LilleLife.
Notre-Dame de la Treille Cathedral in Lille is a destination that French tourists should not miss. In 1854, the people of God's faith in France decided to donate to build a church dedicated to the Virgin Mary - the Notre-Dame de la Treille Cathedral. Officially inaugurated in 1999, Lille has since become famous for its statue of the Virgin Mary cast in iron from the Middle Ages.
Inside the cathedral is full of Gothic art. Photo: Viator.
Inside the Notre-Dame de la Treille Cathedral is the sculpting extremely detailed and exquisite in each line. This is also a very sacred place of prayer for the French and you do not need to pay any cost to visit here. On the last day of autumn, stop by the cathedral, and pray sincerely, or just let yourself feel lighter in front of old-fashioned time-tinged sadness stories.
Lille Theater is like a jewel in the night light. Photo: EricGatieneu.
You can also spend time enjoying the cultural and artistic life in the city of Lille. Lille's Grand Theater was built during World War I, designed by architect Louis-Marie Cardonnier in the style of popular opera houses in France and Monte Carlo, accommodating up to 1,136 spectators per performance. Outside the theater is carved with beautiful patterns and logo images, which visitors can not ignore.
Elegant and luxurious space inside the theater. Photo: SmartLille.
Stepping inside the vast space overwhelmed many French tourists. Overflowing with air is an ancient and unique elegance that can only be found in France. This Opera House hosts the largest concerts in the city of Lille. Spend a weekend night, immersing yourself in the melodious melodies of the Piano and the symphony, or be silent in an opera full of high and low notes from famous artists.
Lille night market at Christmas becomes a small festival in the city. Photo Passionte
Besides, French tourists also cannot "resist" against the charm of shopping centers. As expected of one of the largest cities in France, in harmony with the modern pace of life, Lille focuses quite a lot of shopping, some areas also have an outdoor market for visitors to enjoy shopping at reasonable price. On holidays like Noel, the price is even more 'appealing'. There are also antique shops, art galleries and impressive international chain stores that also make travelers out of pocket.

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