Saturday, October 19, 2019

Little known sights in Berlin

In addition to familiar destinations, visitors can visit the Rummelsburg memorial, aerial bridge and Vietnamese pagoda in Spandau.

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Berlin is a city full of cultural identity, history mixed with modernity. It has many interesting attractions for both tourists and locals.

Rummelsburg Memorial area

The Rummelsburg Memorial was once a factory, then a prison east of the city. Now this place has become a historic site with the story of 21 prisoners recorded. When coming here, visitors can stroll, admire the river.
The monument is the ideal destination for those who love to explore history. Photo: Robert Agthe / Flickr.

Marzahner Promenade overhead bridge

Marzahner Promenade is a suggestion for travelers who are not afraid of heights. This is the observatory at the 70 m high Marzahn Promenade. From here, you can zoom in across the center of Berlin and part of the state of Brandenburg. Note to wear sports shoes to walk on the mesh area of the observation deck.

Vietnamese Buddhist temple in Spandau

Linh Thuy Pagoda was built by the Vietnamese Buddhist community in Berlin, located in Spandau.
Buddha statue in Linh Thuy temple. Photo: Linh Thuy Pagoda.
There are gold gilded Buddha statues and dragon-carved staircases along the aisle. The garden surrounding the temple highlights the yin and yang harmony in architecture. In addition to visiting, visitors can enjoy the pure space after a long trip here. Visitors should pay attention to comply with the dress code when visiting the temple.

World garden

The garden gathers many small works according to the architecture of different countries in the world such as Japan, Korea, England ... Coming here, visitors should not miss the Chinese garden with small temples and lakes, miniature gardens made by artisans.

You can also visit places like the observatory at the Funkturm tower or take part in the free-falling adventure game at the Alexanderplatz building when you arrive in Berlin.

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