Little known things about the Sydney Opera House

The construction cost of the theater amounted to 70 million USD, 10 times higher than the original estimate.

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Sydney Opera House is one of the symbols of Australia. As a famous architecture in the world, the theater has some mysteries not everyone knows.

The first design was rejected

The design by Danish architect Jorn Utzon was rejected three times in the theater design competition in 1956. Finally thanks to the 4th judge, American architect Eero Saarinen, John beat 232 candidates. He won the £ 5,000 award for his design.
The theater is one of the most recognizable architecture in the world. Photo: Envato.

Located on the ground of an old fortress

The theater is located on the Bennelong area, formerly the fortress named after Governor Macquaries. This land was later taken as a train stop.

Expensive costs

The cost to build the Sydney Opera House is estimated to be 7 million AUD (4.8 million USD). In fact, this amount is 14.5 times the initial cost of AUD 102 million (USD 70 million).

World Heritage

The work was added to UNESCO's World Heritage list in 2007 with the description: "A sculpture between the city and the surrounding lake landscape, at the tip of the peninsula highlighting the harbor of Sydney."

Owns the largest organ in the world

Designed and made by mechanic Rolnald Sharp, the guitar has 10,154 audio tubes and takes over 10 years to assemble. The instrument is 15 meters high and 13 meters wide, installed on the southern edge of the grandstand.
The largest organ in the world at the theater. Photo: Adam Norris / The Brag.

The venue hosts thousands of events every year

Each year the theater hosts more than 3,000 events and hundreds of thousands of visitors follow the tours. In addition, more than 2 million people attend theater events. In 1980, Arnold Schwarzenegger won the Mr. Olympia bodybuilding championship here.

In addition to Sydney Opera, when visiting the city, visitors can explore other famous tourist attractions such as Sydney Tower, Sydney Harbor wharf or the Rocks old town and Darling Harbor entertainment area.

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