Living with mercury pollution in the highest town in the world

The highest settlement in the world La Rinconada (Peru) is the place where only the people with the most stamina can survive.

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La Rinconada is the highest human residence on Earth and has some of the brutal living conditions known to man. This settlement is one of the most isolated communities in the world, located at an altitude of 5,000 m above sea level on the summit of Ananea Mountain (Andes, Peru). Most of the year, the temperature in La Rinconada is below 0 degrees Celsius.
Local residents have adapted to harsh conditions. However, the atmosphere in La Rinconada is difficult to breathe for outsiders. Because of such a high place, the air was dangerously thin. While people began to feel sick at an altitude of about 3,000 m.
The journey to La Rinconada takes several days, through a precarious ridge path covered in grass, rocks, dirt and ice.
The town is extremely poor but densely populated. The economy is almost entirely dependent on unregulated gold mines in the surrounding mountains. From 2001 to 2009, gold prices increased by 235%, the population also crowded, to more than 30,000 people. In 2012, the population of the town was about 50,000 people.
The natives mined gold in the Andes for centuries, with activities dating back to the Inca period. Workers still exploit gold manually by using mercury, the second most abundant substance found after gold.
La Rinconada men walk 30 minutes a day to the oxygen-deficient fields, filled with toxic gases, mercury, cyanide. Women are not allowed to enter the mines, so they work outdoors such as selling goods, making gold mining tools, etc.
The town has almost no infrastructure, hotels or hospitals, as well as government agencies, lack of running water and cannot build sewage systems. Residents have to handle the garbage themselves, burn, bury it outside town or throw it away wherever it is empty.
Unhygienic and uncontrolled mining operations result in the ground, air, water, and snow in Rinconada contaminated heavy mercury. Many residents have mercury poisoning, itching, burning, skin discoloration, and nervous system effects.
Locals entertain themselves with the old-fashioned forms. They often meet in cafes for miners or play collective sports.

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