Saturday, October 19, 2019

Lost in the middle of the world's largest gold market - Gold Souk Dubai

Gold Souk Dubai Gold Market is located just 5 minutes from Old Souk Maritime Station and is known as one of the cheapest gold-selling points in the world with scale up to hundreds of stores. Let's visit this world-famous market and explore paradise in the heart of the dry desert.

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Gold Souk Gold Market in Dubai.

Highlights of the Gold Souk Gold Market in Dubai

Since the 40s of the 20th century, many Indian and Iranian businessmen and entrepreneurs have come and created the first gold shops in Dubai. Today the Gold Souk Market has nearly 300 stalls lining the streets with reserves of up to 10 tons of gold, estimated to account for about 20% of gold worldwide.

Gold Souk is usually open to visitors from 10am to 10pm from Saturday to Thursday and only Friday is from 16:00 to 22:00 the same day.
Gold Souk is open from 10am to 10pm.
Coming to Gold Souk gold market in Dubai, you will have the opportunity to choose for yourself items made from gold not only quality assurance but also relatively cheap price under the strict control of the local government. 

At Gold Souk, Dubai tourists will easily find themselves extremely impressive jewelry sets of gold, platinum, silver or from other precious metals such as gemstones, pearls, ... The most jewelry here is all from 21 to 24 carats, with no items under 18 carats.
Some types of jewelry at Gold Souk Dubai gold market.
In addition to the gold sold by weight, other jewelry items are rarely listed, so if the Dubai tourist has targeted something, cleverly bargain with the seller to buy at the best price. You can also compare the price of the same item for age and the amount of gold in many stores before deciding to buy.
Compare prices when buying jewelry at Gold Souk.
At Gold Souk gold market, the exchange rate is listed on the window at the counter based on the new international gold rate every day. Security is absolutely guaranteed when equipped with many surveillance cameras, police patrol regularly so you can be completely secure if you want to trade without worrying about anything. However, you should also note that you should not buy gold from peddlers because they are not monitored by the government, so it is easy to buy fake goods.
You can be completely secure if you want to trade without having to worry about anything.
Dubai does not collect import taxes, so the jewelry here is usually 20% cheaper than the world market, especially on the shopping festival that takes place in January when you buy goods, you also get an extra discount or receive gifts unexpectedly.

Most salespeople communicate in English quite well and always satisfy the customers, so you can freely choose to get the item you like best. When buying Dubai tourists ask for the golden age (karat), weight per gram of the item.
Gold merchants at the Gold Souk market speak fluently English.
Or when you visit the Gold Souk Gold Market just to admire the level of wealth, this is still a great place because in addition to the sparkling streets because of the gold, there are also gold inlaid cars, pets which are tigers and lions, cops traveling by Lamborghini cars, supercars everywhere, ...
The ideal time to shop at the gold market is in the evening.
The best time to visit the market is in the evening because it is cooler now, the streets are more crowded and bustling, under the jewelry lights become more gorgeous.

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