Sunday, October 20, 2019

Male guests were arrested for climbing Buddhist stupas

The Bhutanese Royal Police arrested an Indian tourist for standing on a stupa in the Chorten National Monument, Thimphu.

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Tourists identified as Abhijit Ratan Hajare, from Maharashtra (India). This person participates in a cycling group of 15 people. The team leader, a Bhutanese, said he did not know anything about the incident. Chorten is an important stupa in Buddhism, symbolizing the presence of Buddha.
The incident occurred when the guests were arranging to park for a break at Dochula Pass. Photo: The Bhutanese.
The police confiscated Hajare's passport on October 17 and opened an investigation. He was allowed to stay in his hotel until the investigation was completed.

In addition to Hajare, a Chorten restoration worker named Jambhay is also being sought by police for taking photos on the top of the stupa.

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