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Masterpieces of ancient Roman architecture in the city of Nimes

Nimes is an ancient city in France famous for its ancient Roman architecture.

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The city of Nimes is located in Occitanie, in southern France, not far from the Mediterranean. Not as glamorous as Paris or Cannes, Nimes is always a favorite destination for tourists by its ancient look. It still retains many ancient architectural works imprinted with the Roman Empire.

Pont du Gard Bridge

The three-story bridge across the Gard River is one of the oldest structures built by the Romans. The bridge serves as a waterway from Vzes in the north to the city of Nimes. The building is 275 meters long and 49 meters high and is built entirely of stone. Throughout nearly 2,000 years of history, the bridge has undergone many renovations but still retains its ancient beauty.

Pont du Gard is associated with the romantic love stories of old nobles and poets. It is also the favorite place of the French dynasties and is considered a symbol of the power of the empire. In 1985, Pont du Gard was recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Each year, the bridge welcomes about 1.4 million visitors to visit and admire.
Today the Pont du Gard Bridge is one of the most famous tourist destinations in France. Photo: Bedouk.

Maison Carree Temple

This temple is one of the few Roman structures still intact. Based on the inscriptions, archaeologists believe that the temple was built by Emperor Augustus for his nephews Lucius and Gaius Caesar.

The work was built in the 1st century BC in the style of Vitruvian architecture. The temple is 26.42 m long, 13.54 m wide and does not have any windows.
Maison Carree Temple is still intact with intricate carvings: Photo: Arenes-nimes.

Arenes de Nimes

Along with the Colosseum (Rome, Italy), Arles Amphitheater (Arles, France), the Arenes de Nimes is one of the Roman surviving and preserved arenas to this day. Over thousands of years of existence, this arena has been restored several times to serve different purposes: from the arena to the fortress and the royal castle.

Today, Nimes is restored to its original value, which hosts famous French cultural festivals such as Feria de Nimes or Les Grand Jeudis de Nimes.
Arenes de Nimes. Photo: Ticketeaser.

Jardins de la Fontaine Park

Jardins de la Fontaine is one of the first parks in Europe. It stands out with two ancient ruins: Diana Temple and Magne Tower. The park was built in a classic way around the Nemausus hot spring. During the Gallo, Roman period, this area was used for making bathrooms, theaters and Diana temples. The surrounding green trees make the scenery here romantic.
Jardins de la Fontaine Park is over 15 hectares, located near the ancient fortress of Nimes. Photo: Lamax.

Porte d’August citadel gate

This work is named after the famous emperor of the Roman empire Augustus. Porte d’August is located near the northern end of Boulevard Amiral Courbet. This city gate was discovered in 1752 when the walls of the medieval fortress in the city were damaged.
Part of the city gate Porte d’August. Photo: Wikipedia.
In addition to outstanding Roman architecture, the city of Nimes attracts visitors by famous cultural museums such as the bullfighting museum (Musée de Cultures Tauru), the Museum of contemporary art (Musée d'Art Contemporain ) and many outstanding cultural activities and festivals.

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