Thursday, October 17, 2019

Mountain daisies in Chiang Mai

October to Chiang Mai, you should not miss beautiful daisies on high hills.

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Between September to the end of October is the time for chrysanthemums to bloom in the outskirts of Chiang Mai. The mountain chrysanthemum grows wild at Mon View Ngam farm, about 35 km from the city center and you have to pay to visit.
Mountain daisies in Chiang Mai
View from a homestay inside the farm.
Compared to the spots of wild sunflowers, cherries ... few foreign tourists know about this wild daisy in Chiang Mai, mostly locals come to see. Flowers only appear in early autumn, the time of blooming simultaneously can cover a small hill. The dirt road that bends under the wild daisies bushes forms a flower tunnel, becoming the favorite photography spot for couples. Climb the hill on the opposite side, you can enjoy the panoramic view, or choose a cafe overlooking the mountains, enjoy the cold weather.

The farm is located on a small hill, surrounded by several homestays. The air is cooler than downtown, suitable for relaxing. You should stay one day to fully admire the natural scenery, from the beautiful misty scenery to the romantic sunset. There is also an overnight camping tent service at about 1,500 baht / tent (equivalent to 1 million VND).

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