Museum of 18+ in China

In the midst of a traditional society like China, the sexual museum is surprising because it is so open that it not only simulates poses for men and women but also deals with group sex or homosexuality.

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The Museum of Ancient Sexual Culture of China immediately attracted visitors because it was located in the precinct of the thousand-year-old town of Dong Li in Jiangsu Province. For a traditional society, devout to Confucianism and seldom openly referring to male and female relations, the 3,000 exhibits on sexual culture here are new.

The museum is located in an area of 3,800 m2 indoor exhibition and 5,200 m2 outdoor, invested over 3 million yuan (over 10 billion). The museum was supposed to be located in Shanghai, but because the Shanghai government didn't allow it, it had to be brought to Dong Li. Visitors wishing to enter the port must present identification or proof of at least 18 years of age.

Near the entrance of the exhibition grounds there is a statue of a man with a huge genitals and a cheerful smile. Immediately after that was a statue of a woman hugging a large pillar with the symbol of male vitality with the humorous caption "The Refuge of Women". Some young female guests seeing sex toys simulated as real with a length of nearly one meter dangling in front of the door of a room were screaming, covering their eyes in embarrassment.

The museum is so open that it not only displays the types of sexual positions between men and women but also deals with sensitive issues such as collective sex, homosexuality ... Even a taboo issue such as religion with sex is also shown through tantric Buddhist statues in the intercourse.

However, although open, these displays do not make viewers feel uncomfortable because they are arranged in a very artistic way. For example, terracotta reliefs depicting the bedroom of men and women are placed in frames, located along the wall on a stone path below the trees. The souvenirs sold here are not completely displayed. If you open half of the fan, you will see only a flower-shaped picture, but when you open it all, there are nude pictures of girls or the bedroom images.

One of the things that many guests enjoy is the idea of a "room guide" that delicate mothers give their daughters when they get married. These are lovely pictures, items glazed ceramic which inside are statues that describe the relationship posture. Before the night of the room, the bride will open to see and know what she will do on the wedding night.
Museum of 18+ in China
Terracotta reliefs depict scenes of love enchanting along the aisles.

Recreate part of history

More than 3,000 artifacts, some of which have been introduced dating back over 8,000 years, are represented in all kinds of materials such as stone, wood, ceramics, paper, jade and even gold through sculptures and statues, reliefs, paintings, books, ...

All of them are displayed under themes such as sexual revolution, religion with sex, the development of marriage types, women with sex or sexual health ... Thanks to the scientific arrangement, It will provide insight into the sexual history and culture of mankind from ancient to present times, from east to west.

Museum with photos and stories and practical information. For example, paintings depicting the chaotic life of the mandarins, the upper class show some Chinese history of the Tang dynasty. That openness was due to the Tang Dynasty expanding trade with the federal countries, introducing liberal Western culture.

Visitors will also find less "blushing" with pictures depicting the lust of the lesbian couples when they understand its origin. Due to the strict Confucian ideology, many women were not allowed to contact men, so they interacted with each other, easily leading to homosexuality between the young lady and the maid, between the young ladies and the servants. There are women who hand-pick their concubine for their husbands, and when they choose, they always target the person they like so that when that woman was married, it has a person to share when the husband is busy playing outside.
Museum of 18+ in China
A model of a couple's room on their wedding night.
With unique exhibits here, viewers will also be more poignant about the status of women in ancient times. Because of the extreme cult of virginity, the woman became a sex slave of men at the time. Many people shuddered when they saw the bulky, heavy iron chastity belt that a woman was forced to bring in to protect her virginity when her husband went to war in the distance.

Brief information:

The sex museum in Dong Li old town is about 20 km from Suzhou city, Zhejiang province. You can take the bus for about 8 yuan (27,000 VND) takes an hour or take a taxi for 50 yuan (about 170,000 VND) to get to the town. Because the museum is located in the old town's premises, you must buy a ticket to visit the old town for 100 yuan (about 346,000 VND) and entrance fee to the museum is another 30 yuan (about 100,000 VND).

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