Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Ninh Chu - paradise of wind and sea

Located in the center of national tourism planning, Ninh Chu is a destination for tourists who are passionate about sea sports such as kite surfing, sailing, water motor with interesting experiences.

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Over 100 years, virtually unaffected by storms, very few waves, Ninh Chu beach is 10 km long, impressing by the pristine beauty, tranquility and noiselessness. Only 5 km from the center of Phan Rang - Thap Cham city, Ninh Chu beach is flat, arc-shaped, famous for its fine sand and blue sea.
Fresh sea environment, warm sunshine and strong winds, gentle continental shelves with a slope of less than 5% are the advantages for Ninh Chu to attract tourists with sea sports such as kite surfing, sailing, water motor ...
Most prominent with kitesurfing, Ninh Chu has two surfing spots in Ninh Hai and My Hoa. In the season, the beach is busy with foreign tourists participating in kitesurfing activities and accompanying services such as training, guides ...
The sea is not the only specialty in Ninh Chu. Dam Nai, Chong, Tan An, Ca Du rocky mountains, windy fields and rich cuisine also have a strong attraction.
With abundant natural potential, Ninh Chu has been identified as one of 46 national tourist resorts in Vietnam.
Ninh Chu National Tourist Area was created to become a new experience destination of Asia, in line with Ninh Thuan tourism development strategy. Accordingly, tourism infrastructure is being paid special attention with many specific mechanisms to attract development investment.
Ninh Chu is facing a turning point, especially when it is coming, the Sailing Bay leisure and entertainment complex in Ninh Chu - ApartHotel project in Tri Hai area (Ninh Hai), the center of the national tourist area Ninh Chu is created.
With the wind-sail-shaped architecture located on the bow-shaped land protruding into the sea, Sailing Bay Ninh Chu becomes a prosperous symbol for this land.
Sailing Bay Ninh Chu is a part of the strategy to build Ninh Thuan to become a new destination for Asia in Ninh Thuan province and strategic investor Crystal Bay.
The appearance of Ninh Chu National tourist site is gradually being formed. A vibrant new destination is being created by passionate tourism developers like Crystal Bay.

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